Irongirls Omaha A Go-Go - BPT 4

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Last week, 101 players showed up on game day for the Ultimate Poker Forum Open, the biggest Blogger Poker Tour tourney to date. Good old No Limit Texas Hold'em was the name of the game, which saw kufolem battle back and overcome Haley's massive chip lead.

4 events remain, and while it's still anyone's Blogger Poker Tour, the lead lap seems to be defining itself. Viezeman sits atop the leaderboard via 2 top 20 finishes and a launch bonus. brodoughno, perhaps the most consistant playa on the tour, with three top ten finishes sits in fourth place. Winners kufolem, and natsdad sit third and fifth respectively, while DawgRoyal, week two host sits in second place.

Today, we add a twist to the blogger poker tour. No longer are we playing NL Texas Hold'em. Omaha is the name of the game. Irongirl's Omaha A Go-Go is next and we're here live at the Poker Pub with complete coverage of Event Four of the Blogger Poker Tour Season Two.

As always, we'll be following the action of the Beer Guy, the hostess, and some of the top players of the BPT Leaderboard. For up to the minute and 100% accurate chip counts, feel free to pop in to the official tournament update page.

There's still plenty of time to register for today's event. With two hours remaining before we shuffle up n deal, we have 90 peeps registered. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if we surpass last week's field.

Anyone wishing to become a member of the Blogger Poker Tour may register here. Must be a blogger and have a blog to join...

We'll be back shortly for live coverage.

2.50... 10 minutes from go time, and we're five shy of the century mark.

2.52... comments are adjusted so that anyone participating in today's BPT event can come in and talk shop... Be it a bad beat story, braggin bout a suckout, or just to say hey...

2.55... Just been seated, with Brunsia, z0ot62 to my left, followed by OhioMike, ZowieZ, last week's winner kufolem, isinm2006, and finally Twodogs69 to my right.

*** other table of note, ViezeMan - our tour leader, with Enortone, Meerkat, Just1ce, purechaos, mpgabriel and astinaguy.

Our hostess, irongirl, sits with kugr84, biggestron, abstratto, goliath2180 (represented poker.com at the aussie millions in 2006), sweblackbird, skinski, and chatuba

3.00... we're underway... thank god the screen is beerguy idiotproof so that I can figure out what kind of hand i have.

3.03... 97 peeps entered today...

3.05... I correctly folded four pair.

3.06... i suck at this game...

3.10... despite sucking, am able to figure out how to play a set:

wodogs69 Posted Small Blind 10
imjusthere4thebeer Posted Big Blind 20
Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (Ac, Ah, 2s, 6s)
z0ot62 Raised to 40
imjusthere4thebeer Raised to 100
z0ot62 Calls 60
Dealing Flop (Kc,8h,Ad)
imjusthere4thebeer Checks
z0ot62 Bets 210
imjusthere4thebeer Raised to 420
z0ot62 All In for 440
imjusthere4thebeer Calls 230
imjusthere4thebeer has (Ac, Ah, 2s, 6s)
z0ot62 has (Qc, Kh, 5h, Qh)
Dealing Turn (8s)
Dealing River (3s)
imjusthere4thebeer Wins 1,510 from pot 1 with : Full House, Aces over Eights
z0ot62 OUT

*** my contribution to the week seven last longer competition...
*** pointed out to me that only donks checkraise in omaha...

3.17... i was actually leading for two hands... EgonOlsen and elc3105 now sit above me on the lead lap...

3.20... The Commish pops in 4 a visit... Always nice to have the brass representing...

3.22... for some reason, I suspect the 4K chips biggestron has is going to be his low point of the day...

3.25... joey shouts out on my early doubleup... luck i say...

3.27... I think I correctly laid down a set vs what could have likely been a straight on the turn... board read 4-5-2-7.

3.30... chip counts mpgabriel, TOMASO2, polaris768 sit on the lead lap and thepurdle, biggy, astinaguy, and skinski sitting just behind.

3.32... BUSTOUT report... gone (notables): z0ot62, purechaos, NeoBahmut, actyper, DamRiver, mpgabriel

3.35... Joey's busto -
BB special into a disater I just took. I fold it if I only got dealt 2 clubs (keep track of cards like in Razz or Stud) but I got the ol' cooler:
stuarthomegame Posted Small Blind 15DamRiver Posted Big Blind 30Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (7c, 8c, Qc, 4c)bolcs5 Calls 30 KiwiWiz Foldslifesagrind Folds
gohabs1234 Calls 30 thepurdle Calls 30 newfie25 Calls 30
stuarthomegame Calls 15 DamRiver Checks
-------------------------------------------------Dealing Flop (2c,Jc,6c)
stuarthomegame Bets 120DamRiver Raised to 300bolcs5 Foldsgohabs1234 Folds
thepurdle Raised to 1,200newfie25 Foldsstuarthomegame Folds
DamRiver All In for 1,805thepurdle Calls 905
-------------------------------------------------thepurdle has (2d, 5s, 5c, Ac)
DamRiver has (7c, 8c, Qc, 4c)-------------------------------------------------
Dealing Turn (2s)-------------------------------------------------
Dealing River (As)-------------------------------------------------
thepurdle Wins 4,510 from pot 1 with : Full House, Twos over Aces

3.40... TOMAS02, on irongirl and biggy, and skinski's table, has a monstrocity of a stack... 11.5K WOW...

3.45... TOMAS02 to 13K, lifesagrind, and polaris to the rail... sidenote, my non-skills are beginning to become obvious to the table, i suspect.

3.50... HUGE HAND... Goliath of a hand actually...

Irongirl Posted Small Blind 50
biggestron Posted Big Blind 100
Goliath2180 Calls 100
TOMASO2 Calls 100
Irongirl Calls 50
biggestron Checks
Dealing Flop (4d,8d,Tc)
biggestron Bets 200
Goliath2180 Calls 200
Dealing Turn (Jh)
biggestron Bets 800
Goliath2180 Calls 800
Dealing River (2h)
biggestron Bets 2,400
Goliath2180 Calls 2,400
biggestron has (9c, 3c, 7d, 8s)
Goliath2180 has (9d, Qh, Td, Js)
Goliath2180 Wins 7,200 from pot 1 with : Queen High Straight

3.50... bustout report... kanyezee, cazwil, JCL514, stormswift, mada, pearlsnapman, bobbyolson, iyatoni all to the rail...

3.52... hostess eliminated...

TOMASO2 Posted Small Blind 75
Irongirl Posted Big Blind 150
Dealing Cards
Goliath2180 Calls 150
TOMASO2 Raised to 300
Irongirl All In for 480
TOMASO2 Calls 330
TOMASO2 has (As, 7s, Ac, 2h)
Irongirl has (Kh, 7c, 7h, 2c)
Dealing Flop (Th,Ks,Ts)(Tc)(8h)
TOMASO2 Wins 1,410 from pot 1 with : Full House, Tens over Aces
Irongirl OUT

4.00... breaktime... chip counts

Skinski took down a monster right at the buzzer... up to 10k... Goliath, skinski, egonolsen all sit above 10K, with astinaguy and TOMASO2 also on the lead lap.

55 players remain, of which approximately five are currently sitouts. Play looks to pick up in hour number two...

4.05... kufolem Posted Small Blind 100
isinm2006 Posted Big Blind 200
Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (Kc, Kd, Qh, 6h)
ReplicantPoker Folds
imjusthere4thebeer Raised to 400
Brunsie Folds
kdollar00 Folds
OhioMike Folds
ZowieZ Folds
kufolem Calls 300
isinm2006 Folds
Dealing Flop (2d,Kh,Ks)
kufolem Bets 400
imjusthere4thebeer Calls 400
Dealing Turn (9h)
kufolem Bets 400
imjusthere4thebeer Raised to 800
kufolem Calls 400
Dealing River (8d)
kufolem Checks
imjusthere4thebeer Bets 3,400
kufolem Folds
imjusthere4thebeer Wins 6,800 from pot 1
imjusthere4thebeer has (Kc, Kd, Qh, 6h)

quads for the beerguy, who moves into 3rd and over 11k...

4.13... bustouts... ZowieZ vmavrou OhioMike drawdeadcom DaMatrix gaambol Bardiya Osssss elc3105 ViezeMan biggestron

4.20... smokebreak and leaderboard update...

1 astinaguy 21,315
2 flushedhand 14,460
3 PearlSnapMan 11,970
4 skinski 11,310
5 cerberi 10,093
6 Stevenslb159 9,780
7 Goliath2180 9,260
8 freeroll26 8,838
9 imjusthere4thebeer 8,520
10 EgonOlsen 8,232
Prize Bubble
11 kufolem 7,465
12 debbiedragon 7,210
13 Rahaboss 6,785
14 peacefulpaul 6,470
15 gohabs1234 6,000
16 thepurdle 5,495
Average Stack : 5388
17 MTLdon 5,240

4.22... snapman crippled the phantom chip leader, tomaso2 now in trouble... 33 remain...

4.25... cerberi, astinaguy, jaynyc, daducks, kufolem, isinm2006, stevenslb159 all at my table now... Astina has 30K plus and is leading the tourney, double the next closest player, EgonOlsen, who has 15k... 28 remain...

4.26... down to four tables... maybe with playing and three tables, my commentary can be a bit more managable... though the whole four cards in 1 hand does in fact kinda throw me off a bit...

4.27... blinds 200/400... astina leaves my table, heads on over to chill with lightning...

4.30... mtldon, pearlsnapman stop over, as we're now three tabling...

4.30... 3 tables is definitely more managable... key word more...

Table 1... myself, cerberi, snapman, jay, don, kufo, isinm, stevens
Table 2... Wade, egon, tean, freeroll26, debbiedragon, flushedhand, davidmalek, rahaboss...
Table3... gohabs, thepurdle, skinski, stuarthomegame, astinaguy, bolce, lightning...

4.35 isinm, a sitout FINALLY eliminated...

4.37... blinds 300/600, don on shortstack, pushes allin with KK. I make call with QQ, best hand holds via flush, don to 4k...

4.40... teanter eliminated... 19 remain... enter hand for hand mode...

4.41... blinds 300/600... astina busts skinski with queens and eights... tales stack to 25K...

4.45... blinds 300/600...


JayNYC Posted Small Blind 300
MTLdon Posted Big Blind 600
Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (Jh, Qc, Js, 6c)
kufolem Calls 600
imjusthere4thebeer Calls 600
JayNYC Calls 300
MTLdon Checks
Dealing Flop (9h,Ah,Jd)
imjusthere4thebeer Bets 600
JayNYC Calls 600
MTLdon Folds
kufolem Calls 600
Dealing Turn (Ac)
JayNYC Checks
kufolem Checks
imjusthere4thebeer Bets 2,000
JayNYC All In for 5,956
kufolem Folds
imjusthere4thebeer Calls 3,956
imjusthere4thebeer has (Jh, Qc, Js, 6c)
JayNYC has (Ad, Kc, Qh, 7h)
Dealing River (8d)
imjusthere4thebeer Wins 16,112 from pot 1 with : Full House, Jacks over Aces

moves me to 3rd place with 16K chips... 17 remain...

4.50... blinds 400/800... egon slays the dragon... and we're down to two tables...

... hand for hand is nice, as i can figure out how to play in between hands... though, admittedly, I'm not doin much "figgurin"...

Chip count update...

table 1... myself, cerberi, snapman, stu, don, kufo, lightning, steven...

Table 2... gohabs, egon, purdle, freeroll, astina, flushed, malek, rahaboss...

4.55... 500/1000... Egon drops Malek hard... egon to 50K... next closest in chips is astina with 26K. Obviously the tourney and table is tipping his way... ceberi to table 2...

4.57... 500/1000... lightning runs into aakj, eliminated by steven...

5.00... 500/1000... kufo says goodbye, turns a set, then sends stuart back to the homegame... the purdle joins with 16k, kufo to 12k... 12 players remain...

5.01... kufo on a heater, flops a seven card flush...

5.05... end of hour two, one off the prize bubble...

Chip count...

1 EgonOlsen 48,057
2 imjusthere4thebeer 20,776
3 astinaguy 20,072
4 kufolem 19,125
5 thepurdle 16,815
Average Stack : 16166
6 freeroll26 15,693
7 Stevenslb159 14,776
8 Rahaboss 11,350
9 MTLdon 9,400
10 gohabs1234 9,000
Prize Bubble
11 PearlSnapMan 5,250
12 cerberi 3,686

5.10... 750/1500... cerberi allin loses to freeroll26's flush, despite setting queens... down to 11 and we are on the bubble... freeroll26 now in the lead with 34K, egon down to 34K...

astinaguy Posted Small Blind 750
Rahaboss Posted Big Blind 1,500
Dealing Cards
gohabs1234 Raised to 5,250
EgonOlsen Raised to 9,000
freeroll26 Folds
astinaguy Folds
Rahaboss Folds
gohabs1234 All In for 750
gohabs1234 has (Ts, Qs, 7d, Qh)
EgonOlsen has (Kh, Ks, Ah, Ad)
Dealing Flop (5s,8d,2d)
Dealing Turn (3d)
Dealing River (9d)
EgonOlsen Wins 14,250 from pot 1 with : Pair of Aces
EgonOlsen Wins 3,000 from pot 2 with : Pair of Aces
gohabs1234 OUT


5.17... blinds 750/1500... don folds big pot to yours truly, then drops purdle, final table bubble...

5.19... blinds 1000/2000... don sets aces, knocks snapman out... final table formed...
imjusthere4thebeer 26,026, astinaguy 19,572, Rahaboss 7,900, EgonOlsen 48,764, MTLdon 32,715, kufolem 11,175, freeroll26 41,322, Stevenslb159 6,526

Average Stack : 24250

5.22... elimination hand...

Rahaboss eliminated by EgonOlsen with : Eight High Straight

5.28... 1500/3000... egon hooks a brotha up, i nailed the straight to his overcards, while I was in the blind and on the short stack... chip up to 29K for me...

5.33... 1500/3000... don aa'd freerolls kk's...

5.34... 1500/3000... freeroll busts steve with 2pr each... Steve is eliminated in 7th place...

5.35... 1500/3000... kufo ousted to what looked like a straight vs egon's flush... egon out in sixth...

chip count...

1 freeroll26 57,133
2 EgonOlsen 47,813
Average Stack : 38800
3 astinaguy 33,572
4 imjusthere4thebeer 29,052
5 MTLdon 26,430

egon dumps to freeroll... who is now up to 85k...

gonOlsen Posted Small Blind 2,000
MTLdon Posted Big Blind 4,000
Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (Kd, Qc, 7c, Qh)
freeroll26 Folds
imjusthere4thebeer Raised to 14,000
astinaguy Folds
EgonOlsen Folds
MTLdon All In for 19,430
imjusthere4thebeer Calls 9,430
imjusthere4thebeer has (Kd, Qc, 7c, Qh)
MTLdon has (Ac, 5d, Ks, 3h)
Dealing Flop (7d,Qs,Ad)
Dealing Turn (Jh)
Dealing River (5h)
imjusthere4thebeer Wins 48,860 from pot 1 with : Three of a Kind, Queens

freeroll26 Posted Small Blind 2,000
imjusthere4thebeer Posted Big Blind 4,000
Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (Js, Qc, 4s, Qd)
astinaguy Raised to 8,000
EgonOlsen Folds
freeroll26 Folds
imjusthere4thebeer Raised to 26,000
astinaguy Calls 18,000
Dealing Flop (3d,7s,7d)
imjusthere4thebeer Bets 8,000
astinaguy All In for 4,572
imjusthere4thebeer has (Js, Qc, 4s, Qd)
astinaguy has (Ks, 2d, Kd, Jh)
Dealing Turn (Qs)
Dealing River (4c)
imjusthere4thebeer Wins 63,144 from pot 1 with : Full House, Queens over Sevens
imjusthere4thebeer Wins 3,428 from pot 2 with : Full House, Queens over Sevens
astinaguy OUT

3 in a row with the hiltons... wow...

should be noted, i can barely see the board right now...

three handed, egon just set nines, took me down to the short stack

lots of back n forth action...

EgonOlsen Posted Small Blind 3,000
freeroll26 Posted Big Blind 6,000
Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (Qc, Jh, 6s, 3d)
imjusthere4thebeer Folds
EgonOlsen Raised to 18,000
freeroll26 Raised to 30,000
EgonOlsen All In for 4,626
freeroll26 has (8c, Js, Ad, 5h)
EgonOlsen has (3h, As, 7s, 5d)
Dealing Flop (5c,9s,4c)
Dealing Turn (3s)
Dealing River (Jd)
freeroll26 Wins 45,252 from pot 1 with : Two Pair, Jacks and Fives
freeroll26 Wins 7,374 from pot 2 with : Two Pair, Jacks and Fives
EgonOlsen OUT


imjusthere4thebeer Posted Small Blind 3,000
freeroll26 Posted Big Blind 6,000
Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (As, 3h, 7s, Ad)
imjusthere4thebeer Raised to 18,000
freeroll26 Raised to 54,000
imjusthere4thebeer All In for 37,241
freeroll26 Calls 1,241
freeroll26 has (Ks, Qs, 2c, Qh)
imjusthere4thebeer has (As, 3h, 7s, Ad)
Dealing Flop (Jd,Th,Kd)
Dealing Turn (5d)
Dealing River (9c)
freeroll26 Wins 110,482 from pot 1 with : King High Straight
freeroll26 OUT
imjusthere4thebeer OUT

heartbreaker, but I'll take the second place and the $100 cashish... congrats to the champ.

Thanks to shane and poker.com... and everyone else for taking part... Beer Guy out...

Final Standings:

1 freeroll26 $125.00
2 imjusthere4thebeer $100.00
3 EgonOlsen $75.00
4 astinaguy $55.00
5 MTLdon $45.00
6 kufolem $30.00
7 Stevenslb159 $25.00
8 Rahaboss $20.00
9 PearlSnapMan $15.00
10 thepurdle $10.00

Leaderboard now looks like this:

1 Irongirl 617
2 kufolem 506
3 ViezeMan 501
4 imjusthere4thebeer 452
5 DawgRoyal 439
6 brodoughno 429
7 freeroll26 416
8 natsdad 410
9 DavidMalek 374
10 elc3105 360
11 astinaguy 354
12 Michael1965 344
13 Hacksaw2000 340
14 ReplicantPoker 313
15 CawtBluffin 311
16 MTLdon 306
17 skinski 306
18 Rahaboss 295
19 BobbyOlsen 265
20 EgonOlsen 265