No, not just a monster...

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I'd say I have created a monster, but really... implying it's just one monster would do it no justice. First off, congrats to "the shirt" for winning his third tourney. He is now officially in the lead for the most wins. previously, he and I were the only two time champions.

Now, back to this monster these monsters of mine. Anyone who knows me knows I am a poker blogger. And of course, if one stereotypes said poker bloggers, they'd understand that "us people" come with the natural tendency to "correctly" drop the hammer. But now, it's grown into a monster. At the monthly game yesterday, I do believe I've seen the hammer "correctly played" in every manner possible - and by everyone, blogger and non-blogger alike.

Hand number one:

Middle position raises, caller in the back. Flop comes Ace five five. Middle position fires off a bet, that is called cleanly. Turn comes an irrelivant four. Second barrel fired, and is called. River is insignificant and a THIRD barrel is fired. Late position thinks hard and folds pocket kings face up, only to find out he's had the hammer dropped on him.

While said hand is being reported to me, at my table, and from the small blind, there's a call. "That one really agressive kid" had limped from the early position. I check in the big blind. The flop comes Ace, eight, eight. SB checks, I check. "That agressive kid" fires off a pot size bet. The small blind comes WAY WAY over top, inflicting a CheckRayz upon thee. I get the hell out of the way. The agressive one folds pocket sixes. And yep, you guessed it... "The Actor" drops the hammer. He dropped a perfectly exicuted slowplay of the hammer, actually.

I'd say it ended there, but I'd be lying. One of the newer players even got into the mix. She showed down to the river with the hammer because she just assumed that it was manditory to play and show that hand, considering how often she saw such ridiculous things.

It's safe to assume all of my friends are going to come down with carpel tunnel syndrome from excessively swinging and dropping the hammer. I do, however, anxiously await the day where it takes down a tournament within our group.


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