Five Tourneys in 5 days with CheckRayz

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We're getting the ball rolling at CheckRayz. This week, we're holding five tournaments in 5 days. Of the five poker tournaments we're holding, three of them are free to enter, paying out a cash prize (yes, free cash)! Bugsy's Club and Poker4ever will be the home to these freeroll and money-added poker tournaments.

Monday (today) and Tuesday, CheckRayz will be holding freeroll poker tournaments at Bugsy's Club.

Wednesday, we're back at Bugsy's Club, and starting our 11 tournament league within the league. Yes, you read correctly... We have our main CheckRayz Leaderboard Poker Tour. We are now also holding a league, or a tour at Bugsy's Club. 11 tournaments, all of which count towards both the CheckRayz league at Bugsy's Club AND towards the CheckRayz Leaderboard Tour.

The top three in the CheckRayz League, after the 11 tourneys will win $150, $100, and $50 respectively, courtesy of Bugsy. Don't miss out.

Thursday, CheckRayz takes the Leaderboard Poker Tour back to Poker4ever for a free poker tournament. Once again, no cost to enter, and cash prizes to the winners.

Then, Friday, we head right back to Bugsy's Club for the second leg of the CheckRayz League.

While I am busy pimping free things, event six of the Blogger Poker Tour is this weekend. As always, the Poker Pub Poker Blog will be providing free, entertaining coverage of the tournament. Be sure to stay tuned.


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