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Many of you have been wondering what is going on with CheckRayz...

The leaderboard is about three events behind (i haven't got around to updating), and there's not yet any events scheduled...

Never fear, as by tommorrow, I'll be putting up anywhere from 10-15 events. Of which, four will be freerolls and the remaining will be buy-ins.

Specific details tommorrow.


As promised, leisurely reads of the day...

Really Big Circles - the story of self centered midlife rush to squander retirement savings - pictures and words... beerguy bonus!

denim delinquent - rock n roll, politics, culture

the sneeze --- seemingly random "stuff"... I guess?

Note: This next blog button is just straight up kicking my ass... It's become work to find a leisurely read... I think from here on out, I'm going to find a topic and just blog search from there...