House of Poker Blues - BPT Event 5 Live

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Blogger? Join the Blogger Poker Tour today! From the Blogosphere to the Aussie Millions... BPT - only at Poker.com!. BPT Event 6 (12/2) hosted by Flopilicious!

Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Lee Hooker, T-Bone Walker, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, and many other great musicians are some of the bigger names in the House of Blues. Each one making their personal mark in the history of music and with their personal and distinct sounds to live forever.

Today, it's the sound of poker chips set to a blues background. Names such as Irongirl, Kufolem, ViezeMan, imjusthere4thebeer, our host skinski, and many others. Today, event five of the Blogger Poker Tour, our cast of chip slinging bloggers compete to be the master or mistress of the house of poker blues and we're live with complete coverage here at the Poker Pub.

And speaking of our host. It was Skinski himself who took down last year's Poker Pub Beerbash, when the BeerGuy was hosting the BPT. Can the BeerMan return the favor? Whoever takes this event down will have the steepest field in BPT History. Already, there are 111 registered. With 1 hour to go, this event shall feature the most bloggers this tour has ever seen in one tournament. A solid finish by any of the top players will all but assure a trip to the Grand Final to compete for that Aussie Millions seat.

And while we're on the topic of top players and leaderboard points, here's a look at the official BPT Leaderboard.

The game today is 6-seat NL Texas Hold'em. You can follow the action with live up to the minute chip counts from the official tournament page.

We'll be back in 45 for complete live coverage of the Blogger Poker Tour.

Other links of note:

Official BPT Season 2 event 5 page

Official BPT S2 Event 5 forum thread

116 bloggers are set to go for this fifth event of the BPT.

Sitting at my table are: lightning36 (ouch), ZowieZ, PearlSnapMan, TheBigSurprise, and abstratto.

We'll also be looking in upon the following tables:

Host Table: Skinski, mortguns, cashline, ATheGuruK, mimi2mik, astinaguy

Leaderboard Table: Irongirl, RobinBos, peacefulpaul, vmavrou, goliath2180, bergeroo

We'll move to four tables when/if I donk out of the tourney...

Best of luck to all, comments enabled and we're ready for some six seater NL hold'em action!

3.01... redeye030 enters into the last longer competition by goin out first... Haley follows suit.

3.02... SB BB battle, I drop the hammer on lightning. He smartly folds.

3.07... realize chat was disabled...

3.08... imjusthere4thebeer Posted Small Blind 5
lightning36 Posted Big Blind 10
Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (8c, Ac)
ZowieZ Folds
PearlSnapMan Folds
TheBigSurprise Calls 10
abstratto Folds
imjusthere4thebeer Calls 5
lightning36 Raised to 60
TheBigSurprise Calls 50
imjusthere4thebeer Folds
Dealing Flop (Jd,Ks,2d)
lightning36 Bets 135
TheBigSurprise Calls 135
Dealing Turn (3h)
lightning36 Bets 755
TheBigSurprise All In for 2,150
lightning36 All In for 865
TheBigSurprise has (Kh, Jh)
lightning36 has (Kd, As)
Dealing River (7d)
TheBigSurprise Wins 530 from pot 2 with : Two Pair, Kings and Jacks
TheBigSurprise Wins 3,640 from pot 1 with : Two Pair, Kings and Jacks
lightning36 OUT

Ouch... big hand, sorry bout that bud.

... irongirl up to 2700 and change early...

3.10,,, crazylegs, TheBigSurprise, brodoughno, z0ot62, GhabanoSim all out to early leads...

3.17... stormswift joins after beer flops straight, thebigsurprise goes runner runner to set his queens and launch them over fours. Your hero down to 1080.

3.22... Crazylegs seperating from the pack at nearly 8500 chips.

3.27... paul peacefully flushes over robinbos' 2 pr, sending robin to the rail... cazwil joins to take robin's place, bringing 4175 chips to the table.

3.27.. snapman sets over Beer's 2pr, Beer down to 640...

3.30... down to 102 players now, as opposed to some donkey and 102 players...

3.32... blinds 25/50... skinski chips up... 3975 as he goes set over set with cashline...

3.33... top 5 - isinm2006 8985, winaa2233 7035, SchZol 6260, Mada1970 5975, TOMOSO2 5285...

bergeroo rivers two pair to send goliath and his two pair to the rail...

3.38... 95 remain, your's truly in 95th currently...

3.40... blinds 50/100... Mada out 95th, 91 remain...

3.41... snapman calms and rails the storm with 2pr vs top pair... sends stormswift to the rail. 1 hand later, snapman drops hi QQ to Beer's A10. I'm back to 1090...

3.45... field thinned to 85 players. Mimi straightens out the cashline. Sends cashline, top pair in tow B-lining to the rail. Damriver with 1925 chips now joins the host table.

3.49... mtldon, phreaux, davidmalek, dangermouse all on the rail... 75 remain.

3.50... 75/150... host rails damriver...

mortguns Posted Small Blind 75
DamRiver Posted Big Blind 150
skinski Raised to 300
DamRiver All In for 875
skinski Calls 725
skinski has (As, Ks)
DamRiver has (Kc, Js)
Dealing Flop (9s,Qc,Ad)(5h) (7s)
skinski Wins 2,125 from pot 1 with : Pair of Aces
DamRiver OUT

FishyMcDonk now joins host table with 2480 chips.

3.53... Leader Table:

vmavrou Posted Small Blind 75
freeroll26 Posted Big Blind 150
Dealing Cards
bergeroo Folds
Irongirl Folds
cazwil Raised to 300
peacefulpaul Folds
vmavrou Folds
freeroll26 Calls 150
Dealing Flop (Ts,3s,2h)
freeroll26 Checks
cazwil Bets 150
freeroll26 Raised to 600
cazwil All In for 2,265
freeroll26 Calls 1,815
freeroll26 has (3d, 3h)
cazwil has (Js, Jh)
Dealing Turn (Ks)(6c)
freeroll26 Wins 5,505 from pot 1 with : Three of a Kind, Threes
cazwil OUT 69th Place...

3.55... table breaks, now sitting with GhabannoSim 3900, natsdad 2880, damatrix 2887, royalroynr1, and winaa2233... no sooner than I type this, natsdad doubles through ghabanno with AA v 10-10...

3.58... commish gives a shout out to the table...

4.00... 56 remain at the break... I sit in 36th...

Chip count

1 marckster1 14,570
2 TheBigSurprise 9,881
3 winaa2233 9,485
4 JayNYC 9,368
5 DawgRoyal 9,320
6 ViezeMan 8,805
7 freeroll26 8,375
8 isinm2006 8,085
9 peacefulpaul 7,945
10 elc3105 7,050


13 skinski 6,755
14 astinaguy 6,190

17 ReplicantPoker 6,000
18 brodoughno 5,645
19 natsdad 5,535
20 tomonbass 4,710
21 PearlSnapMan 4,695
22 gohabs1234 4,606

34 Irongirl 2,805

39 mimi2mik 1,880
40 Hacksaw2000 1,860
41 headwaiter 1,845 - BPT Debut...
42 cerberi 1,755

4.05... back with blinds at 100/200... Average Stack : 4218

4.07... caroon joins beer table with 2625 chips... Teentar and Gizalord join host table, viezeman with 8500 joins leader table.

4.08... 100/200... zowiez blinds out, viezeman (9900) chips up through zow and irongirl (1405)... iyatoni joins

4.10... 100/200... damatrix eliminated when winaa2233 rivers 2 pr... security called upon to hold DaMatrix back, as he ponders assulting win with the guitar right next to him...

4.12... viezeman drops vmavrou and irongirl doubles through iyatoni.

4.13... bolcs5 joins beer table...

4.15... blinds 150/300... mimi doubles through teentar KK sets vs. 88... mimi to 4700, teen to 1100...

4.16... fishmcdonk runs out of chips courtesy blinds...

4.17... 150/300... caroon steals through GhabanoSim, who had the read half right. Caroon caught a bit more of the flop, sends sim to the rail in 40th place...

4.20... smoke if you got em...

4.21... teentar doubles through skinski with AQ v skinski's pocket threes...

4.22... 150/300... bolcs takes the rail with KQ v. Caroon's A9... caroon to 6300...

4.23... Ossssss with 4000 chips joins to my left, as 35 players remain.

4.24... 200/400... blinds really stressin the tourney... Average Stack : 6628

4.25... 200/400... I push allin and double through winaa, despite being dominated KJ to AJ... my k hit the flop... up to 5200. I don't even dent win's stack.

4.25... viezeman rivers an ace to break down irongirl's K's... 34 remain.

4.26... mimi survives and doubles up KK v AQ through Gizdalord.

4.33... 200/400... natsdad doubles through caroon 2 in a row...

4.34... thebigsurprise goes out 31st...

4.35... 300/600... moved to original leaderboard table...

4.38... 300/600... 25 remain...
rail report...
25 isinm2006
26 headwaiter - great showing in debut!
27 natsdad -
28 Wvgirl -
29 Wade79 -
30 gohabs1234 -
31 brodoughno

4.42... 300/600... freeroll26 sets AA, hostilly rails peacefulpaul and his 10s...

4.43... Uzzzzi AK - Gizdalord 99... AK improves. Lord to the rail... 21 remain

4.45... 400/800... vieze over snap in the battle of the man... pearlsnapman to the rail in 20th... hand for hand now.

4.49... 400/800... cerberi points out of the 20 remaining, 15 are from 5th st forum... WOW! No sooner spoken, freeroll26 rails viezeman KK v AQ.

4.50... 400/800... bustout hand...

imjusthere4thebeer Posted Small Blind 400
iyatoni Posted Big Blind 800
Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (Td, Ts)
freeroll26 Raised to 1,600
abstratto Folds
imjusthere4thebeer All In for 5,080
iyatoni All In for 8,420
freeroll26 Folds and Shows Ks Js
imjusthere4thebeer has (Td, Ts)
iyatoni has (Kc, Ah)
Dealing Flop (Kd,3h,6c)(4d) (5d)
iyatoni Wins 3,740 from pot 2 with : Pair of Kings
iyatoni Wins 12,560 from pot 1 with : Pair of Kings
imjusthere4thebeer OUT 19th...

18 remain... three tables...

chipcount as follows:

1 freeroll26 25,260
2 ReplicantPoker 24,291
3 Enortone 19,183
4 luckylulo 18,296
5 cerberi 18,015
6 winaa2233 16,836
7 iyatoni 15,900
8 xScrewballx 15,360
9 caroon 13,684
10 Uzzzzi 13,265
Prize Bubble
Average Stack : 12888
11 JayNYC 12,470
12 Teanter 10,671
13 mimi2mik 8,040
14 abstratto 6,796
15 skinski 4,275
16 marckster1 4,098
17 astinaguy 3,260
18 Osssss 2,300

table 1 - cerberi, enortone, teentar, marckster1, luckylulo, winaa2233

table 2 - uzzzzi, freeroll26, abstratto, skinski, iyatoni, Ossssss

table 3 - astinaguy, xscrewballx, caroon, jaynyc, replicantpoker, mimi2mik

4.57... blinds 500/1000... toni rails abstratto 1010 v kq. toni up to 22K

4.58... blinds 500/1000... Ossssss allin on the short stack. doubles up utg+1 with a better kicker.

4.59... blinds 500/1000... Ossssss allin on BB QQ v. iyatonis A8. Toni flops an ace, rivers a redundant 8 on the river. Ossssss to the rail... Enortone with 19.8K joins the host table, sitting between freeroll26 and skinski.

5.00... markster1 allin with KJ v luckylulo A10. Lucky and her stack hold up. markster1 is on the rail. 14 remain at the break.

Chip count at the break

1 luckylulo 33,394
2 freeroll26 32,475
3 iyatoni 24,196
4 Enortone 22,183
5 ReplicantPoker 21,031
6 JayNYC 17,748
Average Stack : 16571
7 caroon 14,961
8 cerberi 12,515
9 winaa2233 12,336
10 xScrewballx 11,860
Prize Bubble
11 Teanter 9,171
12 skinski 8,625
13 astinaguy 6,520
14 mimi2mik 4,985

Click for complete, accurate up to the minute chip count.

5.09... 750/1500... freeroll26 pressures the table.

5.10... 750/1500... lulu gets lucky again, spikes an ace on the river, ousting teentar.

5.11... 750/1500... HUGE HAND... after very little significant action...

ayNYC Posted Small Blind 750
ReplicantPoker Posted Big Blind 1,500
Dealing Cards
mimi2mik Folds
astinaguy Folds
xScrewballx Folds
caroon Raised to 3,750
JayNYC All In for 17,748
ReplicantPoker Calls 16,998
caroon Folds
JayNYC has (Qh, As)
ReplicantPoker has (Tc, Ts)
Dealing Flop (Jc,5d,7s)
Dealing Turn (Qc)
Dealing River (4h)
JayNYC Wins 40,746 from pot 1 with : Pair of Queens
mimi2mik Leaves to join cerberi's table, replacing teentar...

1 elimination from my life becoming a little easier...

5.13... 750/1500... caroon allin on the button... continuing the preflop aggression displayed by him on my table.

5.14... 750/1500... Rep allin with 88, holds vs astinaguy's a6s... astina crippled and in the SB... Next hand spikes three on the river to double up via screwball's flopped pair.

5.15... 750/1500... my kids are threatening a strike from cleaning their toys up if they don't get food soon... I come over top and threaten to remove said toys from the universe of things not in the garbage if they do not proceed as ordered... :)

winaa outkicks lulu.

astina doubles through caroon, now sitting at 4K and in the SB...

5.17... mimi goes to the rail, K10 v lulu's 77. 7s hold.

Screwball doubles through jay k10s v A6... screwball now short with 75...

cerberi joins to the left of replicant poker, who sends caroon to the rail. 11 remain.

Screwball with QQ pushes allin on Jay, who has KK. Kings hold and we're down to ten and the prize bubble has been pierced.

Table 1 - winaa2233, freeroll26, skinski, iyatoni, luckylulo...

Table 2 - astinaguy, enortone, jaynyc, replicantpoker, cerberi

5.20... jay sends rep to the rail...

ayNYC Posted Small Blind 1,000
ReplicantPoker Posted Big Blind 2,000
Dealing Cards
cerberi Folds
astinaguy Folds
Enortone Folds
JayNYC Raised to 5,444
ReplicantPoker Calls 3,444
Dealing Flop (6h,Qd,As)
JayNYC Bets 7,777
ReplicantPoker All In for 21,359
JayNYC Calls 13,582
JayNYC has (Ac, 4s)
ReplicantPoker has (Td, Ks)
Dealing Turn (8d)
Dealing River (7c)
JayNYC Wins 53,606 from pot 1 with : Pair of Aces
ReplicantPoker OUT

Astina shortstacked and allin doubles up yet again in the blinds...


1 JayNYC 69,872
2 luckylulo 54,714
3 freeroll26 38,225
Average Stack : 23200
4 Enortone 19,183
5 iyatoni 17,946
6 winaa2233 13,172
7 skinski 7,875
8 cerberi 7,265
9 astinaguy 948


uckylulo Posted Small Blind 1,000
winaa2233 Posted Big Blind 2,000
Dealing Cards
freeroll26 Folds
skinski Folds
iyatoni Raised to 4,000
luckylulo All In for 11,614
winaa2233 Folds
iyatoni Calls 8,614
luckylulo has (2h, Ad)
iyatoni has (9c, 9s)
Dealing Flop (5c,3c,4d)
Dealing Turn (5h)
Dealing River (5s)
iyatoni Wins 27,228 from pot 1 with : Full House, Fives over Nines
luckylulo OUT

Astina finally ousted, with j2 v. jay's Ax.

cerberi also goes out a10 v Jay's q6 suited and we're now at the final table...

Action starts off with Skinski mowing down winaa with a dominated ace. Winna allin next hand against toni's 77 and enortone's runner runner boated k10. 5 remain, action fast paced...

Skinski sits 14K, toni 25K, enortone 31k, jaynyc 81K and freeroll26 (last week's winner) 79K.

5.26... 1000/2000... chips move back n forth via preflop raising...

5.27... toni raises from UTG+1 with AKo, enortone moves over top with AQs, toni calls and mows down enor's stack. Toni to 48K and in the BB. Enortone crippled with 1411.

5.28... 1500/3000... enortone allin in BB... AK v. the hammer. Toni sucks out with four to the flush, despite enor hitting two pair... Really bad beat, leaving horrible taste in the mouthes all all the spectators.

5.30... skinski is now the short stack. Toni sits third with 55K. Freeroll26 in the lead, though jay's not too far behind.

5.31... 1500/3000... toni patiently moves into second place with 67K and a dangerous board of AQK107 via top pair.

5.33... skinski doubles through toni via dominated ace.

5.34... 1500/3000... jay pushes on skinski's BB... skinski moves over top... Skinski sets his queens and moves to 49K... Jay down to 38K, had 10-9s on his initial raise and is now the short stack with 38K...

5.35... Jay knocks freeroll26 off of a flopped hand. Toni takes the lead by default... Jay now into second with 62K. Toni 70K, freeroller 54K and skinski 40K...

5.36... 1500/3000... skinski sets his 8s via a 28 in the BB. Now up to 54K.

5.37... freeroll 26 calls jay's raise, hits a dominated ten on the flop, moves allin. Jay to 108K and freeroll26 to the rail in 4th...

5.38... three handed 2000/4000... jay pushing his 112/66/50 lead...

5.41... jay continues his crazy preflop raises... chip distribution now 121/74/28...

5.42... 1. 2000/4000... skinski min-raises preflop from SB, bets out on the flop, encounters a raise from toni and folds with 12K.

2. jay pushes, skinski down to 8k on the fold...

3. skinski allin from sb ak v qj... hits his quads on the river, now to 16K and wins the button...

5.44... big hand - jay increases lead. toni calls preflop raise, jay bets out on fold, toni folds... jay shows bluff and is now at 146K.

5.45... skinski moves allin on the button... back to 22K, and again next time around... Reverse dominates toni, who called with ace better. Skinski up to 38K...

5.47... toni dominates jay A10 v A9, doubles through. Toni now to 122, jay to 71...

Great three handed play demonstrated across the board...

5.48... toni comes over top skinski in SB-BB battle on ragg'd flop... skinski lays down. 30K left.

5.49... 3000/6000... jay pushes hard... skinski calls... Again, skinski reverse dominates with K10 v jay's AK when 10-10 comes on the flop. Skinski now to 57K, Jay the short stack at 50K... Toni sits with 115K...

5.50... jay pushes from the button... this time dominating hand holds up AQ v Kq... Jay back in the lead with 115K, toni down to 68K and in the second spot.

5.51... 3000/6000... toni comes over top a bet by jay... who ponders a call and lays down... toni is back in the lead 101/79/48K.

5.53... toni pushes jay some more... now jay is the short stack at 43k...

5.54... Jay pushes allin with A7, toni calls with a6, reverse dominates and sends jay to the rail...

We're now heads up... 72/38 favor of toni...

hand 1... skinski bets on flop, toni moves over top, skinski folds...

hand 2... skinski bets on flop, toni folds...

hand 3... toni raises pre, skinski folds...

hand 4... skinski raises from button pre, toni calls... flop 9-7-3 all of clubs... allin made, skinski shows K8d and hits runner runner straight...

hand 6... toni bets on flop... 172/51K

hand 7... skinski wins on flop bet...

hand 8... skinski folds button...

hand 9... toni folds button...

hand 10... 8-4-8 flop unraised... toni bets pot, skinski folds...

hand 11... skinski raises from BB, 4-6-A... skinski bets, toni raises, skinski pushes... toni folds...

hand 12.., skinski folds pre...

hand 13... skinski folds pre...

hand 14... 4000/8000... skinski folds

15... toni folds...

16... ksinski raises 2x, toni calls... 10-9-9-10 board... toni moves allin... skinski folds...

17... toni raises, skinski pushes allin preflop...

toni flops a king holding Ak... skinski is dominated and cannot improve... toni takes down the event, while skinski gets host points and a strong second place... Great showing and fine tourney Earl!

BeerGuy out...!

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