BPT - Who Do you Know...?

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Referrals are the key... Who do you know? It appears as if the Blogger Poker Tour's BPT Leaderboard now has referral points worked into them. And the top twenty has changed just a little bit...

davidmalek leaps over hacksaw into 8th place thanks to a referral. Skinski version legit uses three referrals to vault into 15th spot.

And well well well... The kid can't play, but he got game off the tables... Your's truly, credited for four referrals to the BPT is elevated into the top 20 at number 18...

Myself and gohabs are tied with 80 referral points, leading the tour. Skinski, actyper, and drawdeadcom each have 60 pts.

This tour is all about community... Well, ok, it's about the ipods, poker tables, trips, and money, but really... it's about community. I enjoy going around and reading other people's blogs, commenting on them, getting to know them. Hell, I read 20 blogs dealing with poker per day, and probably visit roughly 50 to 60 poker blogs a week. To me, it's about community.

You look at the Poker.com forum in many ways, and the SPN Forum, you see community. You look at the CheckRayz tourneys, you see community. I'm all for building and maintaining community in everything I do. If I am doing something I like, I talk about it... I try to find people who I believe would share interest and passion in my activity and I bring them in... If everyone did that once, between now and this weekend, we'd have over 200 players for event number 5.

If you enjoy the tour, get the word out... Flying a banner and playing the tourney is a great way to start. Blogging a bustout hand and the winners is a phenominal continuation... I challenge everyone, go 1 step further. Actually tell a friend about it. Send them the link, ask them to mention your name... Build this community, after all, it is ours, right?


P.S. --- (insert shameless self promotion here) all are welcome to join CheckRayz. Got something big brewing on the horizon there, more on that later.