Min-reraise equals aces...

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From my experiences online playing micro limits, an immediate odd numbered min-raise (i.e.- I bet 1.50, reraise comes in at 2.50 right behind) equals exactly pocket aces.

mrskog Posted Small Blind $0.25
loosbaztard Posted Big Blind $0.50
Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (Qd, Kh)
imjusthere4thebeer Raised to $1.50
Usombiatch Raised to $2.50
imjusthere4thebeer Calls $1.00
Dealing Flop (Qs,3d,Kc)
imjusthere4thebeer Checks
Usombiatch Bets $0.50
imjusthere4thebeer Raised to $2.00
Usombiatch Calls $1.50
Dealing Turn (2d)
imjusthere4thebeer Bets $4.00
Usombiatch Raised to $13.75
imjusthere4thebeer All In for $24.93
Usombiatch All In for $6.22
imjusthere4thebeer has (Qd, Kh)
Usombiatch has (Ad, Ah)
Dealing River (9h)
imjusthere4thebeer Wins $8.96 from pot 2 with : Two Pair, Kings and Queens
imjusthere4thebeer Wins $47.69 from pot 1 with : Two Pair, Kings and Queens
Usombiatch Sits Out

P.S. - love the sn

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