More Blog Surfin'...

I wrote before on the development or evolution of a bad poker player. I came across a poker blog where someone discusses the evolution/development of a good player. I found this article to be a very accurate assessment of where one begins and how he/she evolves as a player. You can read the article here - great, quick read.

Additionally, while surfing through his blog, I came across another article of interest to me. This, in turn, is a shout out to all you donks... or as nrg still calls them, "fish." Pay attention to how your 8-7s may not be a wise all-in bet when you flop middle pair, flush draw in a multi-way pot. The article, from Cardplayer Magazine, discusses drawing hands, specifically combination hands... Good read, written by Matt Lessinger.

Here's yet another link from the same blog to another blogger, ten random rants about online poker (yet another one I can relate to).

And finally, perhaps the best write up I've come across today, "The best worst hand." This entry details the author's 45 "playable" hands, and he filters out/assesses his "problem hands." Great read, once again donks take note both at how your Q2o is not on his list, and how certain hands spell trouble.

Good quick reading... Enjoy. Next post will be something original...