"SuperDonk... You are NOT... the baby-daddy"...

Haha. I have to give a shout out to my good friend "SuperDonk" today. He's been hiding out in his secret lair awaiting results of the dreaded DNA test. It has been rumoured that SuperDonk may have been "force fed" a ridiculous amount alcohol, with the purposes of getting him to crossbread with a quarter horse and produce a mule. The oddsmakers had assigned 3:2 odds that superdonk was the baby-daddy and that the DNA test would prove exactly that.

However, just like SuperDonks' call of an allin, hitting runner runner straight holding 2-4 offsuit in the bigblind when three-king-two hits the flop, SuperDonk defies the odds, busts the book makers and is declared not the baby-daddy.

"Honestly, I am shocked" comments SuperDonk in an exclusive Poker Pub interview. "I looked at her, she has my ears, my same "messy main", her "hooves" even greatly resemble mine. I never thought that this would end in my favor."

It should be duly noted that SuperDonk makes ridiculous calls on the poker table all the time without thinking that things will end up his way.

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