1D Highlights

This is the last day I’ll be doing highlights (I think). I will, however, have a list of links to get coverage… not that what I was doing is coverage or anything… but, I’m going to get back to “writing” one way or the other… If you’ve stayed with me this far, keep reading, or scroll down as there is CheckRayz news included.

Erik Seidel is sent to the rail early, when his aces get cracked by queens.

Joe Seebok and Gavin Smith showed up around 6.30pm with Joe dressed as Wonder Woman.

Fast forward to the clock striking midnight, and Chris Moneymaker hits the rail when he loses on the river. An hour later, Scott Fischman is railed, as is Isabelle Mercier - went out AK v AJ and a jack fell to the board.

Johnny Chan follows suit and is also eliminated.

Freddy Deeb is on fire, sitting at 56K and playing some phenomenal poker, it would seem. Same would apply to Joe Hachem, who is also sitting around 56K.

Notable Chip Counts

1. Peter Tran 142,000
2. Alex Balandin 120,000
24. Freddy Deeb 57,000
27. Joe Hachem 56,500
52. Huck Seed 29,000
71. Cyndy Violette 21,000


Isabelle Mercier
Chris Moneymaker
Chip Reese
Erick Lindgren
Vince Van Patten
Lennox Lewis
Erik Seidel
Scott Fischman
Johnny Chan

CheckRayz News

Well, it looks like between Shark’s schedule and the CheckRayz schedule, we are going to be keeping everyone busy. Roughly, I counted about 30 freeroll poker tournaments, satellites poker tourneys, and money added poker tournaments between CheckRayz Poker, OnlineShark Poker, and the Shark Poker Tour. This leaves a lot of time on the virtual felt of the poker tables. Please suggest to your friends that they sign up for our poker tours to help us grow.

There’s a lot of value added to these tournaments, some of which is not visible. Obviously, each tournament we hold has an overlay in the prize pool, with either free prizes or money added and low buyins. Sit back sometime and watch the play, experience the atmosphere at the final tables. To me, that is something one cannot buy. The people associated with the respective tours are great… wonderful even, and they know their stuff, generally speaking. Playing poker with this group can help one learn a lot. Don’t be afraid to discuss a hand with someone on our tours, asking how they played something or why they played it the way they did.

That being said, tomorrow we have the introductory freeroll at 32 Red Poker. This marks the first time CheckRayz have been to 32 Red. Download their 32 Red poker room here. Additionally, the $500 Promo Freeroll at Celeb Poker replays on Friday. Feel free to qualify for it now if you did not qualify for it the first time around. Simply download through me, deposit and play 50 raked hands at .50/1 or above and you’re in!

Next week, we take a trip back to Noble Poker with our first weekly money added buy-in. Noble Poker has been great to us, let’s show them and all our other poker rooms who add value to the prize pools some love!

More tourneys are still in the work, don’t forget the Shark Vet Series on Sundays and Thursdays at AP with Born!