WSOP Update - 135 players remain...

If I were to have three picks for who I believed would final table the WSOP main event (out of the big names), they've all been eliminated as of yesterday. I believed Daniel Negreanu, after his donkfest in the rebuy, would have been refreshed and focused enough to go all the way. Additionally, I would not have found it surprising to see Joe Hachem at that table again. I also had "Fossilman" hitting up the final table on my unofficial list. Joe and Dan were eliminated yesterday. For "more fuller" coverage of the WSOP, we send you off to Dr. Pauly, who has been providing great coverage throughout the WSOP.

Chip Counts

1. Jamie Gold 3.7 million
2. Max Reele 2.358 million
3. James Routos 2.279 million
4. Kyle Bowker 2.272 million - first player this year to accumulate 1 mil plus.
5. Michael Binger 1.889 million
6. Prahlad Friedman 1.558 million
7. Ricki Nielsen 1.388 million
8. Kevin Aaronson 1.354 million
9. WeiKai Chang 1.343 million
10. Noah Siegel 1.283 million
11. Brian Hansen 1.273 million
12. Dmitri Nobles 1.252 million

26. Annie Duke 919K

Quick sidenote: SuperDonk, his girlfriend, and I went to this party last night, where we met some dude who sold cars and has the last name of Hammer. If that's not plus EV, I'm not sure what is.