CheckRayz-Noble Poker tourney tonight

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Noble Poker

Tonight CheckRayz will be playing out a money added poker tournament at Noble Poker. Buy-in for this event is $2+.20. $25 is added to the prize pool. For those of you who need to do so, feel free to use this link to download the Noble Poker Poker Room Software. As always, CheckRayz Tournament Leaderboard Points will be on the line.

CheckRayz is hosting a Tuesday night tournament every week in August. Each week, both the buy-in and the money added will increase. Next Tuesday, the CheckRayz Noble Poker tournament will be $3+.30 with $50 added to the prize pool. Following that will be a $4+.40 with $75 added to the prize pool. Finally, we’ll hold a $5+.50 with $100 added to the prize pool.

Depending on how well the Tuesday time slot works, this may be our regular thing at Noble Poker. I’m liking how well the regular BBB Thursdays work with the Shark Poker Tour, and it sounds as if the Vet’s Series is also catching on. For that reason, I’d like to maintain some consistency with our CheckRayz events. As always, feedback is welcome.

Courtesy of Cardplayer Magazine…

WSOP Chip Count - 27 remain

1. Jamie Gold 13 mil
2. Erik Friberg 7.735 mil
3. David Einhorn 6.905 mil
4. Rhett Butler 6.4 mil
5. Dan Nassif 5.43 mil
6. Richard Lee 5.275 mil
6. Michael Binger 5.275 mil
8. William Thorsson 3.765 mil
9. Jeffrey Lisandro 3.75 mil
10. Kevin Aaronson 3.67 mil
11. Doug Kim 3.595 mil
12. John Magill 3.275 mil
13. Allen Cunningham 2.65 mil
14. Leif Force 2.265 mil
15. Kevin O’Donnell 2.13 mil
16. Prahlad Friedman 1.85 mil
17. Eric Lynch 1.785 mil
18. Lee Kort 1.7 mil
19. Rob Roseman 1.685 mil
20. Fred Goldberg 1.611 mil
21. Dustin Hokmes 1.21 mil
22. Sirous Jamshidi 1.19 mil
23. Luke Chung 1.1 mil
24. Paul Wasicka 700K
25. Siddharth Jain 675K
26. Mark Garner 635K
27. Richard Wyrick 570K

I’m familiar with none of the remaining players beyond what I have read. I do have to now say that I am pulling for David Einhorn to win the WSOP Main event. He’s substantially in the money. Knowing this, he still announces a decision that he’s donating his entire winnings to a charity, specifically the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease. I’m not knocking anyone who “gives” or “pledges” money, however, it’s one thing for someone to go in there thinking “if I win, I’ll donate x,” and the event’s not even begun - one not knowing if they‘re going to cash, for that matter. It’s another entirely different creature for one to pledge the entire amount KNOWING they’re getting paid. I am Tippin my mug to ya David!