WSOP Final Table Chip Count, Studying

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WSOP Chip Count (in millions)

Courtesy of Cardplayer Magazine…
1. Jamie Gold - 25.65 - Seat 8
2. Allen Cunningham 17.77 - Seat 5
3. Richard Lee 11.82 - Seat 1
4. Eric Friberg 9.605 - Seat 2
5. Paul Wasicka 7.97 - Seat 3
6. Doug Kim 6.77 - Seat 7
7. Rhett Butler 4.815 - Seat 9
8. Michael Binger 3.14 - Seat 6
9. Dan Nassif 2.6 - Seat 4

Final table was formed when Fred Goldberg made a move from the cutoff position with Q3, only to run into Richard Lee’s KK in the SB. Goldberg is rewarded for his 10th place finish with $1,154,527. Wow.

David Einhorn, the player I mentioned yesterday who was donating all his winnings to charity, took down $659,730 finishing 18th place. He was eliminated by Jamie Gold. Blinds T30,000/T60,000 with a T10,000 ante.

David raised to T250,000 from the middle position with Kqoffsuit, and he’s four handed when the flop comes Qdh, Jd, 6c. David bets T1 million (about ½ pot), Jamie Gold raises to T3 million. David Einhorn reraise to allin. Gold calls and shows Q6 suited to David Einhorn’s KQ offsuit. Turn is the three of clubs and the river is the 8 of hearts. No help there as David Einhorn is eliminated in 18th place and Jamie Gold moves up to over 22 million in chips at this time.

It sounds as if Jamie Gold is playing very aggressive and correctly using his chip stack.

CheckRayz Update

Speaking of using one’s chip stack, way to go Bob in taking down the DonkFest, our CheckRayz money added rebuy at Noble Poker last night. If we take a quick look at the Leaderboard, we see that someone needs to be knocked off their high horse the top of the Leaderboard. That dude has an ego, from what I hear and can get real obnoxious from the lead.

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Do you Study?

Over the weekend, I finished David Sklansky’s NLHE book. Yea yea, I know… I started that thing like seemingly a million months ago, right? Sounds like I do not “study” often. Actually, to believe that, you not could be more incorrect. I am constantly studying to improve my game. I have the drive and the desire to improve constantly. Even if I “made it” and was playing the big circuits and the bigger cash games, I’d still continue to study as one cannot improve or evolve “enough” if they’re striving to be the best. I spend roughly 15 minutes to one hour reviewing my own hand history. Additionally, I spend another hour reviewing the hand history of other players. All of that is done, of course, after I spend an hour or so reading. My attention span is a bit different than most. I’m not disciplined enough with respect to said attention span to read a book several times over. Typically, I am good for a once over. Maybe… maybe I will be good for a second read, but there’s no guarantees. Consequently, I try to read the first time for mastery level. I’m not ever sure if I can pay attention the second time through, as I begin assuming I can complete David’s sentences and roll my eyes in the back of my head while reading the second time around. I’d do this with any book, not just David’s. For that reason, I crawl through at a pace that a snail would snicker over, uttering under his breath “and they think a snail’s pace is slow?”

Anyway, slowly but surely, I move on to Harrington on Hold’em vol III: The Workbook.
I suspect the way this book is written, in problem… question and answer format, keeping score as we go along, I will be able to read this book much quicker. Additionally, I’d be able to go back through and re-read it with no problems. Dan takes several hands, both live and online, and puts them out there offering play by play and awarding points for making decisions. I’m answering the questions as I would be inclined to play, given the online time restraints - not having much time, needing to instantaneously make decisions.

The next time around, I plan to think the answers over. I’ll keep everyone updated on my progress, which reminds me… my point. Ah, my point! Yes, in order to improve, one must study and practice. I spend 1-2 hours a day studying, because I believe that amount of time will get me where I wish to go. How much you study is entirely up to you. There’s no magic formula to this, but one will not improve/evolve in their understanding and mastery of the poker game without incorporating a study routine into their practice.

Off my soapbox. More tomorrow.

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