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First thing's first - 2-3 yesterday in the heads up play. For the week, my record is 39 wins - 20 losses. I was liking it better when I was winning three out of four, but two out of three works.

Yesterday, SPT hitman Born and I hopped into the Full Tilt Magazine $750 freeroll at Absolute Poker. This comes shortly after I swore off playing AP anymore (too much suspected multi-accounting in the same tourney and collusion for my liking --- not saying it's conclusively going on, but I "believe" it to be, thus it affects my game - nuff said).

So, Born gives me the wakeup call, and we hit the virtual felt for this tourney. I pull up both tables, and he does the same... all the while he's also killin some tourney at Sun Poker. He knocks out of the AP in sick fashion. He raised significant, some tool calls with 10c-5c. Flop delivers K-J-5 rainbowed. Born continues, this sick SOB reraises allin, born calls. The 10-5 holds born is railed... wow. Dude couldn't have thought beyond level zero there. Lots of hands that had him beat, like any pocket pair higher than five, even the Fillmaff. Although, who knows, maybe he put born on exactly ace-queen, or two-seven?

Anyway, I ended up going deeper than anticipated in this tourney. Had a crippling hand right beyond the bubble. I raised all-in preflop with AK, and the small blind called with pocket twos. I barely had him covered. Next hand, I'm crippled, but flop two pair and triple up. I would double through another player very next hand and was back around where I started!

The key hand, however, that "sent me through" was as follows:

I was SB with 2d-4d, 2 limpers to me... I complete, and the somewhat shortstacking BB checks.

The flop inflicts upon us the Qd, 4c, and 2c.

I do what any other player would do and slowplayed no... min-raised no, but great guess Judith! I pushed it allin. I got the shorter stack to call, the pot was huge to begin with. He, of course, had a queen. Turn and river do not matter and I chip up bigtime, moving from seventh to third and now the biggest of the short stacks.

2 hands later, born talks me into laying down my kc-10c preflop, when I raise and the chip leader reraises me. I think he was stealing, but the presence of the very short stacks helps convince me to lay down and he was counting on that, doing what a good chip leader should. While he reminded me of the importance of not getting mixed up with him, one shorty goes down, another chips up and two donks bounce, and my connection shits the bed. I reboot, try to get back, and do, only to see my chips go byebye and lay claim to third place. We all know I'd have won had the connection not went. Oh well, big tourney big cash... I'm happy.

"Monthly game" is today. I should have a write-up on this tourney, as I've not written one up for a while and am feeling "on." My prediction is for a final table consisting of myself, the host, Mitch, Roger, SuperDonk and three others with yours truly being heads up with Mitch and becoming the first ever 3 time, three time, 1-2-3 time champion.