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I think the key to my success has been a blog entry on the "monthly game." Yes, you guessed it... the monthly game is this weekend. Thus far, myself and "the shirt" are the only two players to win multiple times. "The Shirt" finished second last month and has been playing some great cards as of late. I'm not really sure what I am doing, other than killing the heads-up scene (though I did go a disappointing 3-5 yesterday).

Something is telling me that I'm going to win the tournament this weekend. It is supposed to be the biggest monthly tourney we've had to date. It would be only fitting if the "biggest player" would win, making me the 3 time, three time, 1-2-3 time champion.

As with last times, cards are not necessary, but surely will help. Mitch, I know you're reading... So, bring the A-game!