Moron continues to steal poker blog content

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All content written in the Poker Pub is covered under copyright. Said another way, unless you're at http://imjusthere4thebeer.blogspot.com reading this, then THIS GUY IS RIPPING OFF CONTENT ORIGINALLY PRODUCED AT http://imjusthere4thebeer.blogspot.com AND MAY BE PLAGARIZING the work at the Poker Pub. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs2.5 License and may not be reproduced or utilized in a manner against the terms set forth in the creative commons license.

So, as we can see, I now have a publishing note listed at the beginning of every post. No surprise, this notice also shows up at the place/places that are stealing my content. Unfortunately, he's also stealing the content and material of other poker bloggers. Ironically, he has some sort of disclaimer in his directory that says his feeds are meant to be for preview purposes. Said assclown goes on to say that this "justified form of thievery" will, in his opinion, help people find quality content.

Ummm... no! What he's really thinking is that he can use other people's original content to make his site bigger, and stick his little poker banners on it. Today, one such person gets my undivided attention. While I will not give him a link back, I will post a short list of people who's content he is stealing. Additionally, Imma go one step further and contact each of these bloggers personally.

But first, the legal department for his host: legal@enom.com

Once again, site name available upon request, as I'm not linking him...

He is stealing content from the following people (note, this list is not complete):

Lucky Blonde Plays Poker

Road Warrior

catching the antichrist

al can't hang


high on poker

Mean Gene

Poker Princess

Riding the F-Train

Seattle John

Poker Greed

Wil Wheaton dot net

pokerstars blog

poker.com blog

Chris Halverson

Wherever possible, I will be contacting each of these bloggers by email today. Once again, this is only a partial list. There are about 100-110 total blogs who are having content shitbagged by this guy.

That being said, strategy posting starts tommorrow, hopefully.