Lunar tide in the online poker rooms

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Some sick sick sick beats this weekend. I lost count of the score card, but I don't think my aces or kings held up once to showdown. It was like there was a lunar tide, and all the fish were just washing up to the beach for the fishermen to scoop up and put in their fish catching thing nets.So, conceding that people are going to draw on me, I resorted to playing head's up sng's.

My QQ got cracked late in a tourney vs. 5-6 offsuit --- this was the official "are you f'ing kidding me" award winner of the day.

Another tourney, once again late in the tourney, AK gets reverse dominated by A4

Then we had my pocket kings get sucked out by A2 when the board delivered two twos.

Let's also not forget my pocket aces that got called by pocket queens only to see the four cards to the flush... and not flushed my way either.

Bad day for me in tourney play yesterday...