Day 1c Highlights…

Thanks once again to cardplayer.com for keeping me updated on the play throughout the day.

Day 3 kicks off with “the Unabomber”, Jennifer Harman, Daniel Negreanu, Sammy Farha and company.

Sammy is ousted from play a bit more… just a bit more than an hour into the tournament. On a heart filled board of 9-6-4, Sammy bets into action. The turn brings another six. River delivers a ten. Sammy moves allin and reveals a full house 9’s over sixes. His opposition shows pocket sixes for the quad sixes. Sammy Farha is eliminated.

Jennifer Tilly folds into a reraise, dropping her chip count to 5,200.

Speaking of 5,200, Greg Raymer goes from 5,200 to 11,100 in chips in the first hour. Two hours later, he’d be at 5,400 chips.

Joe Sebok arrives dressed as Spiderman.

Negreanu, fresh off his donk-fest at the rebuy event, begins working his table showing down 10 high and jack high after taking down the last two hands. He has a chip count of 23,000 4 hours.

Onto the Jennifers. Jennifer Harman sits with 1375 chips on the brink of elimination while Jennifer Tilly gets eliminated AJ v A6 (A6 two paired). Harman joins her on the rail shortly after.

Greg Raymer makes a push and brings his count to 15,200.

The Mouth also makes it busto on day 1c, as his set of sevens gets slapped around by a flush that comes on the river.

Back to Daniel Negreanu, as he takes down a 21K pot when he catches his flush on the table. It seems that his opposition allowed him to set the price of the flop and the turn, thus making him a cheap date to catch either his flush or his straight draws. He now sits at 41.5K.

Raymer back down to 7000 after the dinner break. A bit later he finds himself sitting around 16,000. Then 19K. Then down to 6500 when the clock is put on him. He calls and is beat. Today’s play seems to have been quite the roller coaster ride for Greg, which we find Greg sitting at 50K a bit before the end of the day’s play.

Speaking of roller coasters, Mark Seif dipped down to 4500 chips then chipped up a few hands later to 13K when his twos boated on the flop of 3-3-2.

Negreanu continues to be an opening day monster, when he flips over the nut straight vs. a lower straight, chipping him up to 54K, then 78.5K. It sounds as if his donk-fest has rejuvenated him and he’s playing phenomenal poker.

And at 3am PDT, play for Day 1C comes to an end.

Notable Chip Counts at the end of Day 1C

1. Adam Jones 123,000
2. William Thorsson 115,000
14. Daniel Negreanu 78,500
25. Paul Sexton 63,000
35. Greg Raymer 48,900
56. Tom McEvoy 32,000

Eliminated on Day 1

T.J. Cloutier
Phil Gordon
Mike “the mouth” Matusow
Jennifer Harman
Jennifer Tilly
Sam Farha
Phil Laak

As for our CheckRayz poker tournaments, the calendar of events is beginning to take form for August. As you can clearly see, we're back and have a full schedule of freeroll and money added poker tournaments. It should be noted, I'm not done building out the calendar, so keep checking back!