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Is it my imagination or has the blogger server been a pain in the ass today?

So, more heads up hold'em talk... 2 days ago, 2-2 record for me. Yesterday, I went 11-4 and today so far 1-1. I've been preoccupied doing some other things today, such as getting the kids ready for school (they start next week).

As I stated though, heads up seems to be my thing, for now at least. My main goal with heads up poker is to be in control of the pace of the game. What do I mean by that? Simple... I want them to play my game. These people I've been up against, for the most part, are used to playing where the big raise means they have a hand. I just fold to that, for the most part. I can do that right now, because most of the players I am encountering are straight forward. The only person who is going to decide that we're playing big pot poker is this guy.

My min raises mean nothing. As stated, any two cards from position - min raise. Watch out for the min raise and/or min-reraise from in position, however. If I get a fold out of the min raises 1 in 4 times, I am happy.

My plan is to move up a level every two to three days. That way, I am building a solid heads up bankroll in theory. Additionally, I am easing my way up. I anticipate that the day will come where I hit a level where I won't be effective in doing things "my way." My arguement there is that I am adjusting when I "have to," but that has come very few times.

Have a great weekend everyone.