Poker Tourneys worth mention...

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Lots of nice juicy poker tournaments this weekend... Calendar and memory willing, I anticipate playing in most, if not all of the following freeroll poker tournaments and guaranteed prize pool poker tournaments:

Friday - 17.30pm EDT $15K Guaranteed at Noble Poker,

Friday - 23.30pm EDT $4500 Guaranteed (six seater) at Kiwi Poker,

Saturday - 16.00pm EDT $20,000 Freeroll Poker Tournament at 32 Red Poker (200 raked hands in last seven days to be eligable),

Saturday - 16.30pm EDT $15,000 Guaranteed Freezeout at Noble Poker,

Saturday - 17.30pm EDT $1000 Freeroll Poker Tournament at Jungle Poker,

Saturday - 8pm EDT $200 freeroll poker tournament via the Shark Poker Tour at Titan Poker,

Sunday - 18.15pm EDT $10,000 Guaranteed at Poker.com,

Sunday - 8pm EDT $350 added to the Vet Series of Poker Tournaments via Online Shark Poker Tour at Poker Ocean --- wow!

Sunday - 23.45pm EDT $1500 Guaranteed at Naked Poker.

Have a great weekend...