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Well, no three time championship this month. I'm also proud to say that the only people from my predictions to make the final table were the "other unnamed peeps." The host was out in six hands, breaking the streak of anyone named or related to Gerg being the first people out of the tournament. I was chipped up nicely, having my way with the table during the first hour of play. Then, one of my recurring headaches set in and I went very mechanical. Unfortunately, I got involved in a pot with superdonk, and he caught a hand off the flop and improved on the turn, having me call his allin drawing dead.

Back against the wall and blinds increasing, I moved allin a short while later holding Kc-Qc on the button. The small blind, also short stacked moves allin with pocket eights. A middle position player calls with 10-9 offsuit (winning the "RUFK me award," as this took roughly half his stack to make this call).

Anyway, three way the flop comes King-Jack-six. Things are looking good for me as I am sitting with top pair and definitely not wanting to see an eight (2 left) or a queen (3 left). The turn brings yet another king. Now there are only two cards in the deck I don't wish to see, and they both contain the number eight. Of course, the river delivers one of two said undesirables and SB has a boat, the award winner has a straight. I have a rail and 1 bounty chip to cash in. Next month...

Onto heads up action. Currently, I am sitting in the Celeb Poker $10 heads up tournament, where I have received a bye in round 1, awaiting the group of 64 to form. 105 peeps started in this tournament, top 16 pay, which means I need only win two matches to make it into the money. 9-16 pay 2%, 5-8 4%, 3-4 10%, 2 18%, and 1 30%.

I only post this because we're planning to hold a live 32 person heads up tournament here in a few short weeks. What better place for me to make a note than on my own poker pub blog, right?

So far, heads up record on the day is 1-0 (I've been preoccupied today and didn't really sit down to play until very recently, as evidenced by the late blog post - headache once again). These headaches are really a pain in the... well, in the head, I guess.

I'll fill everyone in on how the heads up tourney went tommorrow.

Until then,