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I'm testing out a new template, among other things, so let's see how this works out.

Heads up Battle this Tuesday

Clay and Reel have agreed to a date and time for their classic head's up battle. This Tuesday, champion vs. champion, live on pay per view and in a steel cage, the two CheckRayz Champions take to the felt in a best two out of three heads up matchup.

The winner will receive either $50 worth of Poker Supplies or "stuff" from the 5Star Deal catalog, which is linked to the Poker Pub on the left, or they will receive an activated copy of Pokertracker.

The heads up match will begin playing at 10pm EDT, which is one hour after the start of the CheckRayz money added poker tournament at Noble Poker (9pm shuffle n deal time).

Other CheckRayz Happenings

I'm looking to begin playing regular events, similar to how Sharky has his weekly BBB events at AP and the Vet Series. Tuesday nights, Wednesday Nights and Friday nights are going to be the "usual nights" once we have the "death star fully operational."

I need suggestions from our regulars as to which rooms you'd most like to play in, and additionally what kind of events you'd most like. Money added buy-ins, rebuys, satellites to bigger events, heads up, etc. Which of our CheckRayz Poker Rooms would you most like to see us make a regular weekly stop at to hold these poker tournaments?

Furthermore, please note that Kiwi Poker is allowing us to hold satellite freeroll qualifiers into our money added buyins. This is a great way for us to get freerollers into our buyin events, as well as giving the depositing veterans an opportunity to win a free pass.

Additionally, I believe once per quarter, we will begin holding our CheckRayz Challenge Freerolls, similar to the one we held at CelebPoker, where it was a $500 Freeroll Poker Tournament, in which one must download through me, deposit, and rake to qualify. I don't think the market supports more than a quarterly event of this nature as of yet.

As with anything we do, the more participation we get, the more $$$ I can get. So please, if you're a vet of the tour, give me feedback as to what you do and do not like, what you'd like to see, what you will support, etc. If you're new to the tour, I also want to hear from you. Please feel free to give me constructive criticism. And for clarification purposes, what I mean by constructive criticism is as follows:

"Constructive criticism is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned
opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative
comments, in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one. In collaborative work, this kind of criticism is often a valuable tool in raising and maintaining
performance standards."
- Wikipedia

More information on how to give constructive criticism.

Said another way, this is not a bitch fest. If it's free, don't complain. Don't say, you should do it like I do things on MY forum (I'm not interested). If you really want your opinion to be heard, be sure to word it correctly. Now, as my disclaimer, I am not speaking to my regulars in this constructive criticism lesson. I'm speaking to the peeps who have an agenda and the haters out there who like taking cheap shots. Said another way, make a brotha feel good when you tell him to go screw himself.

Thoughts on Poker

Wow, it's been a long time since I've actually written in somewhat of a conversational tone. This post is feeling weird. I finished the Sklansky Book last week and immediately dove into the Harrington on Hold'em vol. 3 book. Harrington's book is a workbook of sorts, where he reviews hands and has you sweating a certain player... Ivey, Negreanu, Harrington himself, online players, etc.

Anyway, his book is great... don't get me wrong. However, I have this... how do I say... tendency, I guess. Yea, that works. I have this tendency when reading Poker books to drastically adjust my play when an a new, unfamilliar yet sensable concept is introduced. One of the problem areas I've known I have is that I play too tight in the later positions. Harrington's exercises clearly point that out to me. I thought this was a bad thing, well, that is until I subconsciously tried to correct this. Now, I find myself thinking any two cards are good on the button. As I sit here, I'm telling you I am now a total donkey.

I need to read something totally donk-like from a credible source to correct this now. I think I can finally see how my Grandmother believes that the fat lady had an alien baby when she reads it in "the paper" in the checkout line of the supermarket.