update on poker4ever

Poker4ever's response to my query:

"Due to the current legal situation in the United States surrounding the operation of online poker casinos, we are unfortunately unable to process bank wire transfers between POKER4EVER and bank accounts located in the United States at this time. Should you wish to make a deposit or cash out, Neteller remains as a viable option to bank wire.

We must inform you, however, that once a player has initiated a cashout from his/her POKER4EVER Player Account via Neteller, POKER4EVER is not responsible for those funds reaching the player once that player's Neteller account has been credited by POKER4EVER.

Similarly, should a player wish to make a deposit in to their POKER4EVER Player Account via Neteller, POKER4EVER is responsible for those funds when they have been deposited into that player's POKER4EVER Account by Neteller, and not before. If you have any additional questions, please to not hesitate to contact us: support@poker4ever.com"

So, it sounds as if they're simply bracing for impact. That being said, I'd not keep a large chunk of my bankroll there... or any other poker room for that matter. Neteller transactions are quick and painless. Nothing wrong with back n forthing.