WSOP Chip Count, CheckRayz Stuff, News and A Quick Strategy Lead-in

Notable WSOP Chip Counts

1. Dmitri Nobles 553,000
2. Daniel Peletier 335,000
3. Daniel Negreanu 331,000
30. Joe Hachem 142,200
40. Ted Forrest 125,000
60. Cyndy Violette 85,000
78. Tom McEvoy 60,000
82. Freddy Deeb 58,000

CheckRayz Stuff

Decent showing last night at the 32 Red Freeroll Poker Tournament. I forgot where I was sometime throughout the tournament. I was setting the pace on the lead lap for the majority of the first three rounds, and dealt Ace - nine of hearts on the button. Early position min. raises. Of course, with position I reraise. She calls cleanly.

The flop comes eight of hearts, six of hearts, three of hearts, giving me the nut flush on the flop. Player min bets, I raise, she calls. Turn comes a queen. Player checks, I bet 1/3 of the pot, she calls. River comes queen of hearts. Player bets, I reraise putting her allin, because while she “could“ be holding a queen, I don‘t think she is. I have her on a pocket pair, but I don’t think she set. She calls and shows me how totally wrong I was. She didn’t have a pocket pair. She definitely didn’t have a flush either. She was holding queen - eight not suited. I forgot this was a freeroll and in freerolls we typically raise and chase with any one face card, any suited, and any pair regardless of the board, and thus I had no valid read. Next time, someone remind me!

I think I like the feel of the 32 Red Software, which means if I like them, we’re likely to keep them. Don’t be surprised to see another poker tournament, probably a money added buyin sometime early next month. I’m also looking to do a PL Omaha Hi/Lo tournament sometime this summer and perhaps a deep stack tourney.

Poker4ever Update

Yesterday, I was working on the Poker4ever story, as there were rumours circulating over their payouts, originally started by the login message that reads as follows:

“Due to the current legal initiatives, payments from and to the USA related to gaming activities cannot be guaranteed. We have therefore decided not to accept US mailing addresses for payment purposes - or payments to and from US bank accounts.”

I wanted to clarify that they would still “allow” Neteller transactions, and other transactions of the sort. They responded to my query with the following:

“Due to the current legal situation in the United States surrounding the operation of online poker casinos, we are unfortunately unable to process bank wire transfers between POKER4EVER and bank accounts located in the United States at this time. Should you wish to make a deposit or cash out, Neteller remains as a viable option to bank wire.

We must inform you, however, that once a player has initiated a cashout from his/her POKER4EVER Player Account via Neteller, POKER4EVER is not responsible for those funds reaching the player once that player's Neteller account has been credited by POKER4EVER.Similarly, should a player wish to make a deposit in to their POKER4EVER Player Account via Neteller, POKER4EVER is responsible for those funds when they have been deposited into that player's POKER4EVER Account by Neteller, and not before.

If you have any additional questions, please to not hesitate to contact us: support@poker4ever.com

I nearly accepted that answer until I actually submitted a withdrawal request of my own. This is something I have done before. I’ve deposited there, I’ve withdrawn money… all through Neteller, not a big deal. Well, I was shocked when I got an email requesting identification to be placed on file. So, once again, I contacted poker4ever’s customer support to find out why they would now want my identification. Their response:

“Thank you for your email. It is a new requirement from the LGA (Gaming commission) due to the legal issues in the USA. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us 24/7.”

…The only thing is, there are no current legal issues in the US. Now, p4e support could be, perhaps, preparing for such legal issues, but to the best of my knowledge, there are no current legal issues in the United States that would cause them to only now need my identification or anyone else’s. I guess I could understand if they wanted it from the start, but I have a hard time taking them seriously now that they want it after about six months of my playing there. I guess I rank them up there with the bar that suddenly wants to start carding my group and I when we’ve been going there for months on end and they’ve never once cared to see our ID’s. I’ll comply, but I’m not really happy about it and moreso suspicious if anything. I’ve got a funny feeling about this, but not sure I can determine why conclusively yet. I will continue to follow and research this issue. I do advise though that one does not keep a significant portion of their bankroll at a smaller poker room.

Strategy Articly Lead In

Barring any happenings, tomorrow is going to be a total strategy day. I’ll have the chip counts as well, but it’s going to be mostly strategy. I even have the topic picked out. I’m not tipping my hand here, but it’s a topic Judith is rather fond of. And that will be tomorrow on the Poker Pub.