"We're playing limit so you can't bluff us"

As advertised, your's truely went to get some live action at the local casino. Sharky warned me that it was gonna be a ridiculous day. He said for me to be neither surprised nor scared to see the pot capped six handed, to see chasers all day long, and that I'd be, by far, the best player on the table. Was he ever right...

I entered the game on the button and was organizing my stack (started at 2/4, as the 3/6 table was full). I folded my first few hands, as they mostly contained 2's in them (i.e. 2-9 offsuit, 2-7s, 2-5o, etc.). Additionally, I wanted to see how the table was going to actually play, since I've not played live casino limit before (i usually play no-limit on the rare occasion I make a "run"). The average hand was 7-8 deep, unraised preflop. My chippies get in order, and I'm dealt AQs UTG. Of course, I raise, bumping it to $4. These two guys on the far end of the table, who we'll refer to as "Stadler" and Waldorf (they reminded me of the old geezers in the balcony on the muppet show) look at each other as the action "pauses." "Stadler" looks at me and asks me, "why are you raising? We've not had a raise here in the two hours we've been sitting here." I smiled, and responded politely that I'll gladly make up for lost time. Play continues around to "waldorf" who says (to either "Stadlor" or to himself, not sure which), "I see what he's doing. He comes here thinking he can buy it. I don't think he realizes that the reason IIIIIIII play limit is so that I CAN'T be bluffed out of pots." He re-raises, we end up capped seven deep. Flop (A-5-7) cap, turn cap (2), river (K comes) cap. My AQ loses out to K2 --- shit you not. Despite my showing the AQ down, with top pair mind ya, he tells the entire table, "I told ya this bum was trying to steal. He's not gonna steal shit from me."

I'm thinking "this old guy has no clue what he's against." And when I left the table at the end of the evening, he still had no clue. My best hand preflop held up exactly once on that table. I got lucky occasionally, with lesser hands, however, my KK got cracked to two pair (Q-3), my 10-10 got cracked by Jack six offsuit (played UTG). AK busted, AQ busted, split pot after flopping a straight. It was a long night. I do, however, plan to get back there to play tommorrow, as my parents are going up, and I'll bum a ride off of them.

Tommorrow, expect to see an announcement regarding CheckRayz and freeroll poker tourney blogging as well as an update on our upcoming tourneys.