Poker Pub Prediction...

In case anyone didn't know, I like to predict football games. I've done an "OK" job this football season in picking games, only going undefeated in the playoffs. And yes, before anyone speaks up, I picked each and every game in the playoffs. Its not like I made 1 correct pick and call it undefeated. In fact, let's take a look at some of the predictions from the entire 2005-2006 season that I made:

1. San Diego upsets Indy (called this week six).
2. Philly misses the playoffs (week 1).
3. Minn plays like a better team without Dante's inferno.
4. Pats talking about their injuries during the regular season(which were approximately the same amount of injuries they had in 2004-2005) suggested they didn't believe in themselves.

Playoff predictions made wildcard weekend.
5. Skins win, then choke in the playoffs.
6. New England follows suit with the skins.
7. Eli studies his brother's playoff game film, which results in following the same post season path.
8. Cincy, who dey?
9. Carolina - Chicago is nothing more than the "who sucks less" bowl. Carolina travels to the NW, but flies south for the rest of the winter after realizing they can't hang.
10. Burgh drops Indy, nuff said.
11. Seattle goes through to the big game.
12. Jake Plummer is still Jake Plummer, dispite his Grizley Adamsesque appearance. 34-17 Steelers (prediction made at finals table of CheckRayz event at Celeb Poker - for entertainment purposes only).

My partner is a Hawks fan. Naturally so, as he lives in Sea-Town. We've yet to make a formal wager, however, I'm confident I'll get the congratulatory telephone call when the Steelers win. In the unlikely event the Steelers lose, I'll be placing a phonecall to the Shark family to congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Shark. We're all honorable peeps, and the absence of a formal friendly wager won't stop us from doing the right thing here.

Super Bowl Notes...

Game's closer than what I'd like to think. Seattle are a tough squad, winning 11 straight. Steelers have been in playoff mode for about seven game weeks now. One team is peaking, the other streakin'.

Steelers have the edge, as they've faced many a team "just like Seattle" whereas Seattle have only faced one three-four D this season, and won 13-10. Hasslebeck threw for 224 yds, 1 td, 2 INT. Alexander didn't find the end zone, rushing 21 times for 61 yds.

In the interest of fairness, both teams can be electric. Each squad has top notch WR core, dangerous RB, and a solid D.


I don't see Seattle only putting up ten. They're playing good ball. I'll give them three TD's and a FG. We'll give two to Shaun Alexander, one to Jurevicius in the air, and a Josh Brown FG.

24 ain't enough though. Steelers see 1 TD from Bettis on the ground, one from Heath Miller, Hines grabs one, as does Cedric Wilson. Josh Brown kicks a FG as well, making the final score line 31-24.

Other Super Bowl Predictions:

2 INT from Hasslebeck
1 funble from Jeremy Stephens
Surprisingly small amount of sacks from the Steelers D. However Hasslebeck knows they're there and is paniced.
Alexander does not get 100 yds on the ground.
Steelers do.
Big Ben puts up near perfect numbers, from the QB rating standpoint.
Randell El has a huge day on Special Teams, and catches six balls between the 20s.

There ya go. See everyone on Monday, as I'm off to the game.