PokerTracker Stats assessed pt II, Friday Mailbag

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Poker Tracker Stats pt II
When we left off yesterday, we were looking at my win rate of 39.60% when I saw the flop. We were preparing to take a look at what is goin on with the Beer Guy's game once the flop comes, which is where we shall begin.
As stated yesterday, I'm trying to achieve tight aggressive play, carefully selecting my "spots" and being a leader or monster on the table, as opposed to a follower or caller a.k.a. "donk." One of the ways I can tell if I am achieving leadership/monster status is my aggression level on each street.
On the flop, I'm typically going to put in a continuation bet or a probing bet, depending on what I've done preflop. Additionally, if I am checking, am I doing so with the intention of folding, or trapping? One thing I have to keep in mind on the flop though, is that often these bets are called for several reasons. One reason is that peeps know that a brotha is gonna put in a continuation bet on the flop. Another is that there are two cards to go. And yet a third reason why bets may be called on the flop is because they're cheap relative to the turn and river. So keeping this in mind, I am shooting for an aggression factor --- (% times you raise plus % times bet) divided by % of hands called. Ideally, I'm shooting for a flop aggression factor of between 1.8 and 3.0, keeping the above in mind.
My flop aggression factor: 1.9 and rising. This is looking good from my standpoint, especially considering I like to play "stop and go" poker when playing limit (I'll discuss this strategy in a post down the road).
Turn Aggression
On the turn, I should be betting for value in many instances. Also a good place to throw in a check-raise if you're against the proper opponent. Not a bad place to throw in a semi-bluff as well in the limit game. Keep in mind, one card to go. Ideally speaking, once again you're wanting an aggression factor between 1.8-3.0.
My turn aggression factor: 2.53 and rising. I've been pounding the turn recently, in part due to my previous reluctance on betting the river. I've found that by often throwing in a river bet, my bets and raises on the turn are getting more respect, especially considering the opposition may well be calling at least one more additional bet on the river. If he's drawing, is he wanting to chance having to call down my check-raise or my bets on the turn KNOWING he's gonna face one on the river?
River Aggression
For starters, the river bet has been a part of my game that I have neglected quite often. Before, I'd raise pre, bet, bet, get to the river and check through. Not any more. I've taken this stat up nearly 3/4 of a point over the last few sessions. That being said, the ideal river aggression factor is 1.8-2.5. Here, you're betting for value generally. Which, if you think you have the best hand, you bet it, right? Well, generally speaking, but we'll keep it simple. When else do you pound the river? I can tell you, if I look at my pokertracker stats and see that my opposition is folding on the river to a bet, say 40% of the time or more, I'll bet the River each and every time we're in the same pot and twice on Sundays where he and I are heads up. Especially in the lower limits, people will incorrectly fold to a river bet with a huge pot and great odds. On the river, we're looking for an aggression factor of 1.8-2.5.
My river aggression: 1.76. Once again, last few sessions, I've driven this number up by nearly .75. This in part, is helping my bottom line and increasing the BB/100 hands I'm taking down, which in case anyone is wanting to know, I'm taking down 2.93BB/100 hands. Not too shabby!
We'll revisit pokertracker in the weeks to come. I just was crunching my stats and figured I'd share with the readers of the Pub. Now onto the mailbag.
Friday Mailbag
To participate in the Friday Mailbag, send a message to me via eeeeemail, instant message, or private message via the Shark Forum.
(Insert name of choice) writes:
I still cannot log in. I'd love to play (insert room of choice here) tonight, but can't seem to log in to the site. Can you please help?
Thank you. This question is asked as often as I press rewind on the Tivo watching Stacy Keibler kick it on Dancing with the Stars. This is becoming my favorite question. Once again, here are the following main reasons why people cannot log into the site.
1. Did you register with checkrayz? Be aware that in the shark network, there are three seperate databases. Often, you'll receive shark network email. However, it does not mean you've subscribed to all three databases. Before emailing for help, type in your email address into the "forgot password" box.
2. Do you have the registration confirmation handy? If not, type your email address in the "forgot password" box on the checkrayz site.
3. Got it now? Copy (ctrl+c) and paste (ctrl+v) your email address and the password provided from the registration/forgot password into the appropriate sign in boxes.
4. Clear your cookies and repeat above.
5. Email mike through the checkrayz site. Wait for his response, which will generally occur within the same day. DO NOT EMAIL THREE TIMES IN THREE HOURS CITING YOU'VE BEEN ASKING AND ASKING WITH NO RESPONSE. You'll get not much more than sarcastic commentary from me and will end up on my shitlist.
I'd put that in the FAQ section of the rayz site, but...
1. the FAQ section is not built yet.
2. I love answering that question.
Next question...
Beer Guy, when will you be having more freerolls?
Glad you asked! Just added a whole bunch of poker tourneys, many of which freerolls. Find them here.
Another two emails asking...
Beer, I like the idea of pokertracker, but can't afford to drop the $55 bux. What should I do?
I respond:
For one, you're looking at it wrong. You cannot afford to do WITHOUT it! Try this. Download pokertracker here, DO NOT pre-load any hands. Ask me which site you should try it at. Download and deposit at said poker room, turn on gametime +, find and isolate some donks, make the $$$ necessary to pay the registration fee while test driving pokertracker. In fact, you play the 1000 hands necessary by downloading pt through me, depositing, and playing on a beer guy reccommended site, I might even kick ya the $fitty-five to get ya goin.
And finally... mailbag letter of the week:
Beer, Is your brother as big of a donk as you?
My answer is this. I'm 5'8", he's a good six something. You tell me.
More mailbag next week. I'm playing live action tommorrow, so expect a sunday wrap up and surely a great "Little Bro's bad beat story" for ya.