CheckRayz Poker Tourneys, Steelers-Hawks Thoughts...

Quick thoughts on Hollywood Tourney

Last night, CheckRayz held their poker tourney at Hollywood Poker. This was the first time the CheckRayz Leaderboard Poker Tour stopped in Hollywood for chip slingin', CheckRayz'n, Poker Action. With a $200 prize pool added to the $5+.50 buy-in, and a $10 free bonus for all first time depositers entered in the tourney, we had a small but tough field. Carhauler, a Shark Poker Tour regular, mowed down the field - winning the event. He put your's truely out in third place. Nice, tight aggressive play in these events. I could not be happier with the play we've seen in our tourneys. If you've not yet registered, or experienced a checkrayz event, you can sign up here.

River Belle

Tonight, the CheckRayz tour heads South to River Belle Poker. We'll be holding our first of three February events at River Belle tonight, in the form of a $200 Freeroll Poker Tourney - Leaderboard points always on the line. One week from today, we're heading back to the Belle for our second Freeroll. We're following up with a $5+.50, $200 added tourney in two weeks. Deposit and play 200 hands, to win yourself some CheckRayz "stuff" and show your appreciation for the support River Belle have shown us.


My partner, the fearless, one toofed leader of the Shark Army is a Seahawks fan. Given he hails from "that part" of the world, it makes sense. It just so happens I reside in "this part" of the world, and logically I am a Steelers fan. We've each teased a friendly wager between the two of us on this game. Sharky started out by proposing the loser shaves their head, and posts pic on both blogs. However, it turned out my suspicians were correct, as Shark is current absent a head o' hair under that sweet looking SPT hat he sports. Would have been a bad bet for me to take. Rumour mill is a buzzin' though, with talk of Shark secretly negotiating with the HairClub for men, to replace the incumbant president Sy Sperling --- though unknown to Sharky, Fred Durst, hairclub spokesperson is also in the running. Will Sy maintain control, or will up and coming Sharky dethrone him? Keep in mind, not only are these guys canidates, they're also members!!!

We do, however, still need a friendly wager of some sort. Comments and suggestions are appreciated and can be posted either here, the forum, or via mail to my attention.

Closing news

Its looking like the "Death Star" is fully operational. All three of the Shark Powered Network poker sites are "steaming," with respect to poker tourneys this month. Several freeroll poker tournaments, money added poker tournaments, and a few blackjack tourneys on the horizon. Nice thing is, I am certain each site will be adding MORE tourneys to their calendar. Sharky referenced nearly 40 tourneys for the short month of February between all the sites. That being said, there's little reason to go anywhere else outside of the Shark Powered Network. Join, play, support the network. Let us keep bringing you tourney action. CheckRayz, Online Shark, Shark Poker Tour. OS & SPT Calendar. CheckRayz Calendar.

Mailbag and outtakes on River Belle tommorrow. Stay tuned.