Sunday Tourney Results pt. 2

$500 added $10+1 Hollywood Poker Celebrity Classic

As discussed over the weekend, I planned to enter the Celeb Classic at Hollywood Poker. My original intentions were to play this one slowly early on, as I was certain there'd be quite a few donks tryin to chip up early. However, that would not work. Third hand in, I'm dealt AA early position. I raise up 6x preflop and get two callers (both of which are the "pot committed Blinds). Flop comes down K-8-3 rainbowed. Blinds check to me, I continue the bet, and throw out a bet of approximately 3/4's the pot. SB folds, BB calls cleanly. Turn comes 2, totally rainbowing. He checks to me. I throw out a 1/2 size pot bet, trying to look a bit weaker than I actually was. He calls cleanly once again.

River card is a 6. He bets min. I ponder this bet for a bit. He could have a pp, of which 5 pocket pairs would have me beat (K,8,3,2,6's all have me). There's no straight on the board, and while the king is possibly a scare card to him, he's not shown any strength until now, and even now, its not really anything I would call strength. Additionally, he could have as little as Kxs, of which four "K-X'ses" have me beat. There are no possibilities of a flush either. So, 8 Kx I beat, 4 I lose to. 5 PP have me, 7 PP I'm beating (I can't have him on aces). Additionally, there were no real straight draws either, so 7-9, 8-6, QJ, J10 are not likely holdings either, unless he's totally bluffing.

Being early in the tourney, I have him on a hand range of about 24 hands, of which I win 15 of the 24 times. I decide to throw a reraise out there, but not so big that its going to cripple me if he has one of the nine hands. I'm also rather certain he's not going to lay down his hand, even if I so much as go all-in here, as he probably does not know any better... So, I reraise to half the pot. He calls cleanly, and flips over K-6. I'm thinking that the mullet man character he has is accurate, he's a total tool.

Funny thing about those characters on Hollywood too, I catch myself thinking that the players actually play like I'd imagine the characters to play.

Speaking of Hollywood, my rep there gave me the OK to hold another $200 added $5+.50 tourney for CheckRayz in the near future. Again, he will give ten dollars free to any first time depositer to Hollywood through the CheckRayz site. CheckRayz Tourney schedule will be updated near the end of the week, keep checking back.

Tommorrow, we'll put some of my pokertracker stats through the ringer.