playing poker vs. the weak...

Yea, yea, I said next post would not be til Sunday. However, I'm up a bit early. And yea, I know I said I was planning to go to bed last night. I tried. I went to bed, layed there for about five minutes and heard my messenger goin nuts. Got up, tended to business and fired up Sun Poker "just to see." I'm glad I did.

I sat at my 2/4 table and took it easy while I collected my pokertracker stats. Once I began playing, I had a hard time keeping a player to my immediate right, which was perfectly fine with me. I preferred for Mr. 59% to act right before me. I usually do not sit at a tight table, but this guy was profitable enough to keep me there. Plus, the table was relatively weak. To my immediate left sat a guy who played 27% flops, never raised preflop, nor did he check-raise. He was a tight-weak player who was far from tricky. Next to him sat Mr. 10%. No worries there. And finally, Mr. 15%. Overall a weak table and my theory was that the donk was gonna give me enough action and allow me to bet everyone else out if need be. In fact, without premium hands, I was not entering the pot unless he did (or on the occasion a newbie stepped in to the seat immediately to my right).

Remember yesterday when I mentioned watching for the guy who folds to the river bet too often? Yea, well the guy I'm referring to was "that guy." He'd raise up preflop, I'd reraise. Eventually, I wasn't even concerned with my hole cards, I knew if he raised the unopened pot, and I reraised, he and I were heads up. He musta been drunk or something. We'd go back n forth raising pre. Flop would come, which usually went to cap. Turn came, I'd bet hard, he'd call station. River, he'd check, I'd bet, he'd fold. Or I'd bet, he'd fold. In fact, this happened 10 of 14 times. More than a few times with large pots and odds so huge that it was damn near correct to call my river bet with 2-7offsuit and AKQJJ on the board.

A question you might be thinking of right now is, "Beer Guy, you must be drunk. Why in the world would someone holding a 2-7 offsuit even be in that pot, let alone call yer river bet." Good question. I can't answer the first, as I've not yet been able to think like a total donk. However, I can answer the second part. I was observant enough, thanks to pokertracker, to pick up that this clown was weak on the river. Like extra weak. He, on the other hand, was not picking up on the fact that I knew he was weak on the river. Thus, its pretty likely that I was bluffing on the river more often than I'd like to admit. If 2-7o is the last hand he ever plays, then he's correct in folding on the river (forget preflop for a second). However, if he's gonna continue to contest me for pot after pot, he might wish to take the advantage that I've clearly exploited away from me and throw in a raise, at the very least do SOMETHING to make me think twice about bluffin on the river. Who knows, I bet into the dangerous board on the river, and he re-raises me, I too might think twice, considering he's allowed me to beat him senseless on the river and he's laid down and taken it. This guy was clearly goin too far with his hand and having a "come to jesus" meeting with himself at the worst possible time, the river. Thanks to him though, I had a +45BB win rate JUST AGAINST HIM!

Surprisingly, the others did not fair as well against him. He was calling down their raises and reraising them, pretty much what I was doing to him. They too were weak, and would drop a few hands to him. I think this kept him in the game. Well, that and when he flopped two pair (3-6s) against my capped KK. I don't mind though, as he was still very profitable to me and I assure you, I will find this guy whenever I am at the tables and he's present.

As mentioned, off to live action today. I'll have a full report tommorrow of the live action. Plus, we'll discuss some of the upcoming CheckRayz events and promotions. Good fishin'!