Monthly Live Game today...

Its that time of the month again... No, not "THAT" time of the month. I mean, today is the monthly live game with my friends. I always look forward to these tourneys and often skip out on other important stuff (or delay) so that I'm able to play in this game.

Last month, I was sent to the rail quite early by "that guy" (read: donkey, SuperDonk, tool boy, fish of all fish, moron, idiot, insert colorful name of choice here) who made a garbage call to a sizable raise I made holding Ace Three offsuit to my pocket queens. Hopefully, he'll not be within my site today, as I had seriously considered assulting the fool for simply being "that guy." And yes, he's the person who causes the room to cringe as he "announces" his entrance.

I've received several pieces of advice regarding how to play him from members of the Shark Forum, to which I am most appreciative. I remain confident that I will not get burned by this moronic player who only knows "call and raise" and knows not when its appropriate to set down a hand (see my post last month detailing how idiotic this hand was - first post in the archive).

Speaking of tourney play, yer hero took down the CheckRayz poker freeroll at poker.com yesterday, nailing down a $50+5 coupon to today's 5.15pm $10K guaranteed tourney. This would be the second CheckRayz tourney I've won. I increased my lead on the CheckRayz Leaderboard with this victory.

Consequently, I've placed a bounty on myself in the next CheckRayz tourney, which happens to be on Wednesday 1 March 9pm EST at River Belle Poker Room. $5+.50 to join, $20 launch bonus on my donk ass. and $100 to be added to the prize pool. Not a bad deal, if you ask me.

Additionally, there is plenty of opportunity to knock me off the top of the leaderboard, with several money added and freeroll poker tourneys in the upcoming days. Speaking of the CheckRayz Leaderboard, the first leg of the campaign ends March 31st. I'll be expanding later in the week (probably Friday at the mailbag) as to what exactly we're going to do with this leaderboard of ours (not that I know anything *wink, wink... my guess is a special free, money-added event).

More to add tommorrow, regarding my thoughts from the monthly tourney.