Friday Morning Mailbag...

The mailman came early today, the Friday Night Mailbag is in the AM today. The Beer Guy has some beer to drink tonight in celebration of a friend's birthday.

Quick Tourney Thoughts

The River Belle tourney went off without a hitch. We had a new group of final tablists last night. Despite their first appearance at a CheckRayz final table, they upheld the tight aggressive play that our tourneys are noted for. Great job from everyone. Your's truely was bounced out early. I showed up along the rail, homeless... to watch the action at the finals table.


Amir writes:
Beer Dude,

I still cannot log in. I'd love to play River Belle tonight, but can't seem to log in to the site. Can you please help? Thank you.

Amir, if only everyone else having issues was as pleasant as you. Not often do I get both a please AND a thank you in the same email. I know we covered our bases, but here are the following main reasons why people cannot log into the site. You and I will go over why you cannot through email and/or messenger. But for others, listen up.

1. Did you register with checkrayz? Be aware that in the shark network, there are three seperate databases. Often, you'll receive shark network email. However, it does not mean you've subscribed to all three databases. Before emailing for help, type in your email address into the "forgot password" box.

2. Do you have the registration confirmation handy? If not, type your email address in the "forgot password" box on the checkrayz site.

3. Got it now? Copy (ctrl+c) and paste (ctrl+v) your email address and the password provided from the registration/forgot password into the appropriate sign in boxes.

4. Clear your cookies and repeat above.

5. Email mike through the checkrayz site. Wait for his response, which will generally occur within the same day. DO NOT EMAIL THREE TIMES IN THREE HOURS CITING YOU'VE BEEN ASKING AND ASKING WITH NO RESPONSE. You'll get not much more than sarcastic commentary from me and will end up on my shitlist. Nuff said. NEXT!

Some random person asks Beer Guy, where did you get your poker screenname from?

Haha, great question. My imjusthere4thebeer is not a random screenname. It does, in fact have history. Back in my more youthful days, I was dating this chic. And she "found" me at this party, which consisted of 6 girls and myself. We're all hammered. She comes stormin in acting all irritated, pulling out the classic lines such as "what do you think you're doing with all these girls?" The girls are all worried, thinking that there's gonna be a fight or something. Being one to think on my feet, I look at her (with my totally serious drunk guy look) and tell her "Don't worry hun, I'm just here for the beer." This totally shatters the ice and prompts laughter from my party "friends." However, it pisses her off. I was dumped, she left frustrated, calling me some new and innovative names. A"friend" felt sorry for me, being dumped and all, the victim in the scenerio, and helped me out... The phrase, and later the screenname has been entact ever since.

OK, enough with the mailbag. Poker Tracker and more tourney talk tommorrow. Maybe even a formal poker room review or two.