Watching The Mouth @ UB... and mailbag

Watchin the pros...

Fired up the Ultimate buddy this evening, looking to see if sharky was on tonight, as he has some heads up action on the schedule. Didn't find sharky yet, however, there sits the Mouth on a $50/100 NL table all by his lonesome. No, I did not sit with him. However, a few others did. Some dude with the SN No job raised him up, mouth raised to allin, nojob calls... JJ v. Mike's AK. $10G gone, mike reloads. One of the randoms at the table talks about wanting to be a millionaire like "you guys." Mouth responds with "play nojob for a bit, you'll be one easily, callin with J's prayin for a flip." Someone else on the table is a pro as well, sn LFISGD. Not sure who it is though. Phil's sitting at a triple draw table as we speak. Gus Hanson's logged on but not seated. Big night at UB, it seems.

As I sit here goin through the mailbag, I am talking with CheckRayz player Vanessa, also from my home town. She mowed down her competition in a multitable sit n go. Way to Go V!!!

From the mailbag...

Themis from Greece asks,

Any chance of getting tourneys going to accomidate both the American and European rayz'rs?

Great question, Themis. My weekend events will be at such a time that will accomidate all timezones. By the way, liking the rayz'rs name... Thanx

"That Guy" from PA asks,

Is A3 playable to your 6x raise with 1 caller utg, me in the bb and you in the SB?

I say emphatically NO. Unless you're wanting your right eye to match the left. Nuff said.

"Blondie" in Ontario asks:

Dear Beer Guy,
Being a single parent, what do you look for in a woman?

Did I say I was looking? Ha... Actually, Face of an angel, mind of the devil, and one who's attorney advises her to sign MY version of the pre-nup... Manditory that she plays poker, understands there's beer to drink, places to go and peeps to see. Must understand the game of football (both american and english). Other than that, I'm not really asking much... Answer your question?

Jon writes,

You really think your Steelers are gonna get their fifth this Sunday? (he goes on to tell me how crazy I am).

No Jon, I don't think, I know... 31-24 Steelers. Good luck in the draft, your cowboys still ain't there.

Closing Thoughts

Lots of good poker goin on tonight. Watchin' Mattasow for a few hours, coaching Vanessa to victory on a sit n go, playing another sit n go with her (we finished 1 and 2 - 27 entries). Shark Poker Tour/Checkrayz standout reelcrazy burstin the bubble on AP $4K guaranteed. Another sng with clay and carey. Poker talk with the gang. It doesn't get much better than that folks...

And I am outie...