CheckRayz Poker Announcements (as advertised)

As advertised here, there are several announcements regarding CheckRayz due to be released today. That being said, let's cover them before I head off to play live at the "Showdown Muppet" Casino.

CheckRayz refer a friend Campaign

Starting today and running through March 31st, CheckRayz are running our “refer a friend” program. In order to survive, our membership must grow. We have several quality players right now. I’d like to see our number of players explode, but want quality people such as yourself. Who do you know that loves to play poker that likes the concept of money added and freeroll poker tourneys in a closed community such as ours? They can be an up and coming novice, an expert player, or somewhere in between. It can be your neighbor, a person you see at the live game, or on the virtual felt, a friend, a relative, a spouse, your dog (don’t laugh, I’ve seen players who the family dog could outplay). You get the idea… Blog readers are getting a head start on the rest, as I'm not announcing this to the membership until the next newsetter comes out later this week.

The rules of the contest are as follows:

1. Participants must be a registered member of CheckRayz. Not yet a member and wish to participate? Register now.

2. Don’t “spam” your friends. Make sure these people are peeps who would enjoy playing poker and are receptive to having their name dropped to us. Also, the people must “legally” be permitted to set up a real money account at our poker sites (I.e. they must be of legal age).

3. Click on the “forward to a friend” button and enter their email address, sending them our newsletter or send me a line to let me know who you've referred. I'll have a formal referral letter later in the week if you wish to send that instead.

4. They must put your name in the “referred by“(I.e. Brian Jones, Jane Smith, or whatever your name or checkrayz registered screenname is) box when they register. This is how I track registration and referrals.

5. Prizes… oh, did I forget to mention there will be prizes? The person who has the most converted referrals between now and March 31st (read: most forwards and converted signups listing their name as the referral) will receive $25 in a mutually agreed upon poker account at one of the CheckRayz affiliate poker rooms. Second prize is $15 dollars in a similar mutually agreed upon poker account. Third will receive $10 of the same.

6. In order to keep peeps on their toes and informed of where we’re at in the referral contest, I will update approximately weekly the standings in the refer a friend contest on the blog. I won’t use real names (screen names only on the blog) listing the top referrers, to give everyone an idea as to where the “bar” is set at. That way, we all know where the lead lap is.

This is a great way to have fun, win money, and help us to grow with quality people of your choosing.

Freeroll Tourney Blogging

I started what I envision being a CheckRayz community Freeroll poker blog. My vision for this web log is to allow our membership the opportunity to author posts regarding your favorite freeroll poker sites, tell your success or bad beat story from freeroll poker tournaments you’ve played in, and to talk freeroll strategy. Eventually, I’d like to have a regular team of writers. For now, I am accepting guest posts. To express interest in this project of ours, please write up something under the above scope and send it to me. I’ll be giving CheckRayz first edition t-shirts to all who land a guest spot on the web log.

CheckRayz Tourneys

During the downtime of the past week, I've added several money-added and freeroll poker tourneys to the CheckRayz poker tourney schedule. Come support us by participating in the events!

Off to play live. Report to come tommorrow in addition to more tourney talk!