Hey "Super Donk", a 92% (VP$ip) is NOT a passing grade...

Ok, we've been talking stats off and on a bit here. And in doing so, I am trying to educate and inform my readers. However, I need to make something perfectly clear. While we do want passing grades in this "class," its important to know that a 92% vp$ip is NOT a passing grade. Why do I feel compelled to put this out there, you ask? I sat down with a donk, to my right no less who after 78 hands not only did he bust out, he had a 92% vp$ip and thought that he was playing correctly. He was actually yelling (typing in caps), bitching about peeps chasing. This could get hilarious, as I'm now reviewing the hand history, so bare with me.

Case no. 1:

I'm in the SB (which means "super donk" is on the button). Action folds around to the cutoff, who raises (cutoff was Mr. 62%). BB calls cold my raise (tight passive), Mr. 62% and "Super Donk" also call. I forgot to add, I'm holding AJo in the SB. Though, I think at this table, I may have made this play with J2 and felt like I either had the best preflop hand or that I'd outplay post flop...

Anyways, flop comes Q, 10, 8 (10 and 8 are suited in clubs, as is my jack...). This flop is not a bad flop to me, considering I have an inside straight draw twice over (king hits I'm golden, 9 hits I'm sitting well). Additionally, runner runner flush for my jack and an overcard. I feel comfortable enough to bet here. So, I bet out. Passive guy calls, 62 folds, and Super Dink... Donk, Super Donk calls.

Turn brings me a five of spades, shattering my dreams of the runner runner four card flush. Though, I'm not certain this helps anyone... then again, Super Donk has been playing shit, so it may have helped him. We'll see. I bet. Tight Passive dude folds, leaving me all alone with the JackAss with Super Powers. If he calls, I am certain I have the best hand, as he's not even on the board. If he comes over top of me, I can scare him. He calls, which means he has nothing. River comes a 4 of diamonds. I fire off a bet, and he calls. He shows down his ace three to my Ace jack and accuses me of chasing.

Case No. 2

I'm on the button, dealt pocket threes. Super Donk raises from the cutoff, which means he is suited. I reraise. Blinds fold. Flop comes AK8 rainbowed. Dangerous looking flop. Super Donk bets. He could have an ace or a king, but the way he is playing, he raises suited cards and calls with A and K. So, I raise, he calls (he doesn't have an ace or king, I'm sure of it!). Turn comes three. Oh, set. He bets, I raise, he reraises, I cap, he calls. River comes a jack and no flush. He checks to me, of course, I bet. He calls. Shows himself down the old Queen three suited. He asks me how I could make that play with all those cards on the board? I respond by telling Super Donk that there were only three, four and five cards on the board and I make these plays, and many other plays with those amounts of cards on the board every hand. I politely suggest he go back to yahoo to play go fish, but then tell him that he seems to be getting better at this game, so maybe he should stay, as my luck is running out. (note: did I say luck? I meant to say his bankroll).

God, I could write about this clown forever. Actually, I could really go on longer than his bankroll would last. This by far has to be my favorite super hero on the poker table I've met this week (last week it was the "Mighty River Guy" who constantly folded to the fear of cryptonite coming on the river).

Overall, I had quite a kick ass day on the tables. Actually, this has been (knock on wood) a kickass week for me thus far. Let's hope the poker gods stay on my side here. But please everyone remember, just because you'd get a passing grade in college with a 92%, when studying and playing poker, 92% is not a passing grade.