"Must be that therrrrr poker hat he wearing..."

Live Poker Action Results

Finally, something positive to discuss (from a results standpoint) from the "Showdown Muppet" Casino. I went up with my parents and their friends this time, and have decided I really need to start driving myself, so that I can be there on my agenda (read: I can leave when I choose). Though, in my older age, I'm not a fan of driving any further than the local bingo hall, the "supermarket," the doctors, or to and from mass. But seriously, I'm going to begin going to participate and disrupt this proclaimed "Muppet show" on a weekly basis, so I think I need to get over this whole driving thing. Oh yea, we're talking live poker story here, nearly forgot (once again, condition of old age?).

I sit down at the table, chips in tow, sporting this SAAAAAWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET shark poker tour hat. This real nice, yet kinda redneck guy sitting across from me comments on that therrr hat I am wearin'. He asks, "That's a real nice poker hat you got therrrrr. Are you a professional?" I laugh and tell him no, I'm not a professional, I just play one on TV. He laughs uncomfortablly, once again compliments my hat. I invite him to check out the website. Two hands later, he leaves. Apparantly that set the stage for the table image of mine, as my raises were seeing some lovin. A few chasers, but not the whole table as seen this past weekend. My bluffs were working, semi-bluffs were on. The hands I showed down were monsters. Either my game was "on" or the cards were simply not working "against me" (note: I was not hitting everything under the sun, however, it didn't seem that my opposition was either). Overall, I walked out of there a winner, totally recouping what I spilled over the weekend, and turning a "bit" of a profit.

Of note, early position, guy to my left (quality person, IMO) has his first hole card flipped over on the deal (ace of hearts). Of course, dealer announces this will be the burn card. His next card, which comes in order is an Ace of spades (the card that "should" have been the burn card was a seven of hearts). He's tilting, I'm feeling for him. He pulls a smoke out of his cig. case. I suggest to him that he go smoke now (non-smoking poker room), citing that he's in early position and upset. Continuing, I tell him to go while he's out of position, come back when he's done. He'll likely be in the cutoff by then and can post in lieu of the missed blind marker and both have a favorable position and the benefit of calming down. He tells me he "should" but chooses not to. That being said, he sees the BB and SB only once, and proceeds to bust out completely in 7 hands. I felt bad for him and was certain I could have played a few hands further infuriating him and taking advantage of tilt, but as I said, quality guy, so I avoided confrontation with him during his fall.

Later on, a darker complected version of Larry Bird sits across from me, to the dealer's natural right. I of course point out he looks like a more tan version of Larry Bird. He tells me that if it weren't for his darker color skin and the fact that he was sitting at a poker table (Larry was very frugal in his day, so I hear), people would come asking for his autograph. I think the guy could very well have a gimmick goin if he tried. Hell, Elvis has a following of impersonators. He was a fun guy to play against. Very aggressive player. He called down one of my preflop raises and admittedly tried to bluff me off my hand. However, I hit the flop hard and wasn't backing down. Later on, we were four handed into the flop (I of course raised pre... he reraised, two callers, I called cleanly as well) , I was holding AQs, flop came K10x. I checked from the BB, he bets, two callers, I reraise, he bumps, two folds to me, I bump again, he calls. Turn comes a Jack. I check, hoping he bets, he does, I raise, he calls. River brings a king. No flush on the board, I bet out, he raises, I reraise, he says "I'll cap." Dealer reminds that heads up no cap, so knowing I have at least a piece of the nut, and that the rake was already maxed, I reraise some more. 5 minutes worth of raising and reraising, I'm certain he has a ten, completing his nut straight. However, in the unlikely occurance he's been sitting AA, KK, QQ, JJ, or an underpair, I keep going, as I do not want to miss an opportunity (even if its only a slight possibility at best) that he's holding something other than the ten. 5 minutes later, he's FINALLY all-in. We chop the pot (he had K10o). It was fun, I must say and did indeed scare the table that he and I were so aggressive.

My thoughts are that I'm liking weekday play better than weekend play at the casino. Additionally, they have daily tourneys during the week at 10am and 6pm. I think I'm gonna start off by playing in the 10am, and then hit the ring games after to further develop my live action skills. This will help keep things exciting and fresh with respect to my poker game.

CheckRayz Poker Tourney Talk
We have seven poker tourneys scheduled in an 8 day stretch with CheckRayz. Busy and potentially profitable stretch for those who play regularly. The dynamics of the CheckRayz Poker Tour Leaderboard could very well change drastically during this timeframe. Speaking of the leaderboard, I'm going to expand later this week as to what the hell I plan on doing with it, so stay tuned.

Anyways, our poker tourney stretch begins on 25 February at Poker.com. This event is a freeroll poker satellite tourney. Top two take down a coupon into the Sunday 10K guaranteed at poker.com. March 1st, CheckRayz return to River Belle for a $5+.50 money added poker tourney. Next night, March 2nd, we hit our newest up and coming poker room, TouchStone Poker for a $100 freeroll poker tournament.

March 3rd, we're back to Hollywood Poker for a $200 money added $5+.50 event. New depositers to Hollywood through CheckRayz will receive (pay attention) a $10 FREE BONUS (meaning, do nothing other than deposit, register, and play in the tourney) and receive $10 free! This tourney at Hollywood is listed in the private, scheduled tourneys under my Hollywood ID (imhere4beer).

To finish off our CheckRayz poker tourney stretch, we spend a long weekend at Kiwi Poker. Tentatively, I've scheduled three events (two on 4 March and one on 5 March). Details should be available on these phenominal three tourneys tommorrow (once again, stay tuned).

While you're at it, take note that we have two events scheduled at Celeb Poker - March 8th being a $100 Freeroll Poker Tourney, and March 9th a $50 added, $5+.50 entry fee Heads up Poker challenge tourney. This time, it will indeed be a heads up tourney (an oversight on my part last try).

In conclusion, lots of freeroll tourney and money added poker action scheduled. Stay tuned, refer a friend, and while you're at it, check out the sweet events Sharky has lined up.