What to write about now...?

Before I even get started, I need to interupt myself and this post to give a shout out and congrats to one Mr. Korte Yeo a.k.a. - Bertiewooster on poker.com.

Not that I ever advise anyone to avoid competition, but the way this guy has been running, first qualifying for the Aussie Millions via Poker.com, then becoming the first ever (one of only two) players to convert their satellite win into cash via poker.com... and at the Aussie Millions. He then fights off what had to be some serious f'ing jet lag, keeps pace just off the lead lap, and closes with a vengence to capture the Poker.com Winter Championships by the narrowest of margins. "Bertie got game" is the battle cry from here on out. Congrats to ya! For his efforts, poker.com is apparantly going to send him to a major tourney of his choosing. I'd not want to be entered in a tourney he's in, as he's been running down brothas left and right here, it seems.

Edit: This just in... In addition to taking down the Winter Championship at poker.com... on top of his Aussie Millions cashing. I've just been informed he's taken second place in the Mansion Poker 100K guaranteed for a sweet $15K pay. Dude's money, I'm tellin' ya.

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Oh yea, I was planning to make a post, wasn't I? For those of you reading, there's only a few second pause... In actuallyity, I may have forgot that I was posting, in addition to interupting myself before I even begin...

Where was I...? Oh yes, if I were to guess, I was getting ready to talk about Oz. Tina was a doll (I could end that sentence right there), but I won't... Tina was a doll and put together a list of the people who went to the Aussie Millions with us. I'm looking forward to re-establishing and maintaining contact with many of the people going forward. In case you've not noticed, I can't speak high enough about many of the people I met through the Poker.com community.

And wow, how about some serious writer's block coming on here... On top of that, time for soccer. Well, I guess I'll continue tomorrow when I will actually write about something meaningful relating to Australia. If I were to guess, I'd probably be inclined to discuss the bubble of the millions.

More tomorrow,


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