2007 goals

Staying in line with the BPT Forum posting on 2007 goals, I decided it would be appropriate to both think of mine and post them here. Mind you, I stated last week I'm not a fan of setting goals just because it's a new year. However, I won't overlook the importance of setting and stating goals.

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I'll try to seperate these goals by catigory, and also I will link this post so that throughout the year, monthly... I can come back and assess my progress. I guess that's my first goal... monitor my progress.

Personal Life Goals

Those who know me in the real world know that I can be quite a... "difficult" person at times. Being a realist, I care not whether the glass is half empty or half full, I just want to know exactly how much beer is in the mug. I often criticize others because of either their overly optimistic viewpoints (usually the optimism comes without justification), or because of their extreme "sky is falling" mentallity. My goal is to be more understanding that this is, in many ways, human for people to do such things and to go easier on them.

Second, while I've been very good at expressing myself, I'm not always skilled at telling the people around me how much they mean to me. It's not that I don't care... however, I seemingly assume that my actions will reinforce how I know I feel and I often neglect to verbally communicate how important my peeps are to me. My goal is to ensure that my friends and family know that I care by communicating this to them.

I've mentioned before that I do not read very much, except for poker and things online (i.e. - blogs). I'd like to begin reading a bit for leisure, just a little bit though...

Finally, my goal is to get back into college this year. I know... "Dude, you're old and stuff!" Never too old to go back to school, after all, the beer guy remains 21 forever. My goal, upon returning from Oz, is to get back into school.

Family Goals

I do quite well here, I must say. Though there is always room for improvement. I've been blessed with a beautiful, well behaved, and healthy set of twins - as I often state. I do pretty well providing for them, emotionally and in terms of "things." My goal is to spend more "quality time" with them, appreciating what we have and enjoying each other's company. This can be either playing, learning, reading or whatever, but my goal is to earmark more time to them for us.

Poker Goals

Last year, my main goal was to be at the Aussie Millions. I leave Wednesday. This year, my big goal is WSOP, though this time I aspire to both play in and cover the event.

I view myself moreso as a grinder and less as a tourney player - though I enjoy tourney play and do relatively well when I play, taking them seriously. My goal is to take both tourney play and ring game play a bit more seriously this year. If I become bored, I am to walk away, take a break, or something. No longer will I play just for the sake of playing (i.e. - i'm bored but with no attention span, let's play).

Also, my goal is to "take more shots down field." More satellites to big tourneys... but only when I've earned my keep and my BR justifies this.

Regarding the BPT - my goal is specifically to do more than my share to continue to help the tour grow by spreading the word, sending out invites, and blogging away.

Finally, as for CheckRayz - making this year the year we go big.

We'll revisit these monthly and spin my progress.


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