head spinning from Australia

I am quite certain that everyone is waiting to hear all about how Australia was. Hell, I think even I am waiting to hear that. Truth be told, my head is still spinning from the trip, the time change, the flights and the airport sleeping due to being bumped around from flight to flight. Blah!

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In any event, I fully plan to tell most of the tale of the trip. Some things, for various reasons, are best left unsaid... or perhaps told at a later date. Also, it would be quite simple for me to continue to bash those who ran the tournament at the casino. I won't be doing that, however, as it would be a waste of energy... and besides, I'd prefer to focus on the positive.

So, in no particular order, here are some of the things you can expect to hear about over the next few weeks:

(disclaimer: some of this may not make sense to you now... however, the important thing is that it makes sense to me right this moment, so that later i can pull my stories from the memory bank).

1. the poker.com freeroll,
2. soundbytes from the rail,
3. time spent with the Allens,
4. Tina,
5. the $500 tourney,
6. Simon, Justine, Declan, Clark Kent, and the unauthorized biography of "that one pokerpro table"
7. the Collins family,
8. outfolding one another from across the room,
9. more about the poker.com community,
10. the plane ride to Oz,
11. victory dinner,
12. bowling,
13. Jimmy Frickke,
14. found in my notebook,
15. "overheard in casual conversation"
16. stories about some of the pros,
17. negreanu heads up,
18. the after party,
19. the world is all relative,
20. Gus

Until then, here's to my head not spinning!


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