$100K buyin from the Aussie Millions

Sick event yesterday... The Aussie Millions 18 person 100K buyin. At one point, Lindgren, Ivey, Negreanu, Hansen, and Seidel were all at the same table. I do not officially start work until Sunday (tomorrow), but I managed to grab a few photos.

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The balance of these pics are a pot between Eric Lindgren and Phil Ivey, where they collectively built a huge pot and Eric pushed all-in on the river. Gavin Smith was standing next to me sweating his boy Eric and talking smack to Tony G. Ivey spent a great deal of time pondering his action. He made what had to be a huge laydown, as he became the short stack, along with Tony G. Both of which busted out after the break, sending Lindgren, Seidel, and the unknown into the money.

Pics of the Aussie Millions $100K buy-in.

Tomorrow I actually start work. Today, we have a Poker.com dinner and freeroll, getting to hang out with Liam, Shane, and "oh my god, she's more beautiful in person, which I didn't think was even possible" Tina. I'll dump photos from the festivities next post.


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