More preparing and thoughts...

To turn 21 again... I just love it when the googlebots or some random soul comes wandering into the Poker Pub via some off the wall search query that I had not necessarily intended or thought of... The search term was "thoughts on turning 21," which of course... I check my stats somewhat regularly, I had to go figure out where I was ranked and then re-read the story, because I just have to know these things...

***long winded rambling coming on, which is probably not poker related...

I'm glad I did too, because for one, I am kinda disappointed insulted that some person's account of turning 30, and turning 50 are ranked above my ranting on how it feels turning 21 again.

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G-Bomb mission aside, I am glad that someone stumbled upon that story, because it reminded me of a few things... Most importantly, it helped me put this upcoming Australia trip into perspective. No, I did not need to be refocused or adjusted on living up to my screenname either... And surely not motivated to properly carry on the tradition of the Beer Football Club, who does in fact have a championship game tonight, defending their crown vs the Coach's team tonight. A win makes us 5 time champions. Since the formation of Beer F.C., and taking the squad to the A-League, this will be our franchise's tenth indoor season. Of those ten seasons, we have captured the FFSP Indoor A League Championship of Soccer 4 times. Not including tonight, we've played in five championship matches. Tonight makes six championships in ten seasons. We have failed to make the playoffs twice. Two times we've been ousted in the opening round of the playoffs. Not too terribly bad, considering the level of competition.

OK, I've plugged my soccer team, though I've not updated the website there in ages... and yes, it's an eyesore. I've g-bombed my 21 post and my soccer site. So, now back to my original point...

*** I told you, mindless rambling...

The turning 21 post put Australia into perspective. In reading that blog entry, it called to mind, that I am not a writer, I'm a story-teller... By writer, I mean schooled, by the book, journalistic type of writer. I am much more effective providing first hand anecdotes from my personal point of view than I am playing the formal who, what, where, when, why, how "type of game."

Now granted, I typically get all of the information in what I am writing, it's just not formally structured as such and is typically far more animated than a more formal piece. My point is, my strength is my story telling... and I am glad I was reminded of that today... because I turn 21 every year.

I may not get another post in between now and the landing (as I set up to drop the hammer on an unsuspecting table on pokerstars --- had to fire the second in order to make that happen). For some reason, my claims that I'd be neither posting nor playing much have not really worked out... I think I've played more poker this weekend than I have in the last month or so combined.

Speaking of poker, does CheckRayz have a poker game tonight? Nope, it's tomorrow... We have two on the agenda... A $50 freeroll for anyone who had played in the $5+.50 $100 overlay at Kiwi Poker, and the $50 CheckRayz Player's Club Freeroll, which is an "all play"... well, by all, I mean all who are in the CheckRayz Player's Club. In fact, a complete listing of Freeroll and money added poker tournaments with overlays are available, passwords and all, on the CheckRayz site. I had to get them in before Aussie.

Speaking of Aussie, poker, and beer... I need to get moving...

Have a great day everyone... See you from the Crown in a few days!


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