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I had planned to maintain some sort of order for my Aussie memories postings. I'd like to skip ahead and talk about an individual I got to know a bit while in the land of Oz. I had what I consider the pleasure of meeting a young, up and coming poker player while in Australia named Jimmy Fricke. Jimmy had first been pointed out to me by Ryan Fisler, while we were in the Auckland, NZ airport. He mentioned something about Jimmy, PCA, Dave Williams and some sick hand. Later, at the Crown, Jerry had mentioned the same. Given the buzz surrounding this kid, I had to meet him.

Before I write any more, however, a few disclaimers...

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First, anything I write here is my thoughts... and my thoughts alone. They don't reflect the thoughts or ideas, to the best of my knowledge, of anyone else. Second, unless I specifically quote someone, consider that I am paraphrasing from my memory. Do not, in any way, shape or form consider this particular work to be an interview, a gossip column, nor something that I've quoted. This is simply my thoughts being spoken here at my Poker Pub Poker Blog.

One may wonder why I feel the urge to fly disclaimers like this on my own blog...

A friend pointed me in the direction of a two plus two thread that forced me to change things up just a bit, with respect to the ordering of my posts. Now, historically speaking, I've read two plus two from time to time, but I've steered clear of posting there. While I hold no ill will or feelings towards any individual or group there, I'm just not comfortable with the community there and do not find myself a good fit at that particular venue.

Anyway... to paraphrase the issue at hand, 2 incidents took place during or shortly after the Aussie Millions:

1. "Gobboboy" or Jimmy ended up in a big hand with "Shaniac" (whom I also met while in Oz). Shane got his money in while best and Jimmy improved, sealing the deal on the suckout with all the money in the center. Shane went to the rail, and Jimmy had made a comment, something along the lines of "ship it."

2. Jimmy was informally interviewed by a friend on his friend's blog, where he was openly critical of specific opponent's play.

Above issues aside, which for the record, that 2+2 thread has seemingly resolved itself. It was asserted that Jimmy came off sounding like a douchebag, and very disrespectful and maybe even as if he was "better than everyone else."

From what I saw of Jimmy, his ego is very much in check. He presented himself as a courtious, polite, and fun loving guy. He was definitely not "full of himself." In fact, for the effect he had on the majority of the players he encoutered and the onlooking "railbirds," I'd say he was quite humble - truth be told.

Hell, I spoke to him after his big day 1 - specifically in regards to the table where he sat next to "the croc" and had busted Wille Tan and Jack Lee in one hand. We discussed the reaction of both the players and the rail. It really seemed as if not one person at that table liked his playing style, his ruthless and seemingly blind aggression. To me, it seemed as if he had tilted the entire tournament and even people looking on were wanting to hop the rail, buy in and bust him.

It was truly an amazing reaction, especially considering that one of the players, right before the break had belittled Jimmy for making what he considered a "bad call" and was talking mad shit on him. When he knocked Willie and Jack out at once, you could sense the frustration on everyone's face. Suddenly, he has chips; not that he hasn't been raising havoc on the table before, but now... Now the monster is awake and well fed. Not one person was happy, be it player or rail bird.

I ask Jimmy what he thought about that, after day 1 is behind, and he laughs it off, claiming that's not at all how it was. "Really, you think so?" he asked.

I told him there was not a doubt in my mind. I applauded his composure, noting that as a 19 year old kid, let alone any man, he held himself very very well during the whole time I observed his play. "Wow", "Holy shit", and "Absolutely amazing" were pretty much the only three phrases that came to mind that would do any justice to what I witnessed.

I asked him how long after he takes this tourney down is it going to take for him to write his book. He laughed me off, citing that he's "really not that good" and that he can name off several others there that are far more qualified than he is to write a book.

We joked about a quote that had been rumoured around the poker room to one of the pokernews people, where he had been quoted as saying he was going to win the tournament, from what he's has seen of the level of competition down here. We laughed together and made a few joking comments, and then he brought it home and said something along the lines of "no, seriously, there's a lot of good players left and still a long way to go." He also cited, "but I have been practicing for Australia. I like the outback, which is Australian" implying he feels comfortable in his "native environment."

Again, all the while; a fun loving, joking, yet humble tone.

I continued to follow Jimmy throughout the tournament. His second place finish was surely something special in my opinion. He seemed to really enjoy what he was doing, but not at the expense of others (from what I observed).

Jimmy and Scott (jester3) from the Aussie Millions

I strongly suspect I was not the only one who felt this way. It seemed that a few of the people on the rail who were at first jeering the kid were now 100% behind him, supporting him all the way. To some people, Scott and Lenora in particular, he came off very polite, well mannered, and as a great all-around guy!

After his second place finish, I bumped into one of Jimmy's friends at the after party. I was hoping Jimmy would be making an appearance. I had previously been willing to bet he'd show, even if for only ten to fifteen minutes. He in fact did. We went and found him, I shook his hand, gave him mad props and made sure he knew he had so much to be proud of. Then I asked for a picture with him. When I first went to Oz, I had said the only picture I wanted of me and any of the pros was with the Fossilman. Now Gobboboy joined those ranks.

I have the utmost respect for Jimmy Fricke as a player and a person. The sky's the limit, my friend. Keep on smilin, and keep on raising!


--- Said photo will be posted as soon as my data cable returns from Australia.

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