shows ya how much I read lately...

I didn't even realize that Poker.com's Blog had the pre-Aussie Millions hype posted on Thursday.

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While in between rounds at a triple shootout on Stars to the Sunday Millions (click, download... I order you... please?), I was going through, catching up on my blog reading when I clicked on their blog. I'm reading through all the names expected to be on hand at the Aussie Millions. Ivey, Negreanu, Jesus, Hansen, etc... when all of a sudden, MY NAME jumps out at me...

I was like "Wtf?" haha...

from the Poker.com blog "Poker.com's satellite winners are making their final arrangements to head down under to play in the main event, and the Blogger Poker Tour's Mike Pfister is getting ready to head on down to blog the Main Event for Poker.com & the Blogger Poker Tour."

Dr Pauly is already down there, and doing coverage on behalf of Pokernews. He and I have corresponded and I'm hoping to have a beer with the blogging legand. Rumour has it that he's got a $50 a day per diem bar tab while he's down there, which he negotiated in his contract. I do not have such a deal worked out for me (guess that's the difference between the rookie and the vet), however, for as much as the good doctor writes... and I in turn read, I can surely scrap together the change to buy him a cold one when he exceeds his $fitty.


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