Time off to regroup...

This week has been the first "normal" week I've had in quite some time. I'm two weeks removed from Australia and I think my body has readjusted to the timezone, though I know I'll never adjust to this cold weather. No matter how long I live here, I won't ever get used to winters. My natural inclination is to just fall asleep... hibernate even. Unfortunately, life does not always allow for such luxeries.

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I've cut back significantly on poker play and time spent writing/on the computer this week as well, as many of you might be able to tell. I've been spending every waking moment with my kids. I missed them while in Oz, and can't get enough of them now. We've been having Sorry tournaments every night this week. Last week too. Zack was champ last week, and this week Abby has captured the title. Daddy's next?

So, while adapting to "normal" it would seem as if I've neglected my blog just a little bit. No worries though... I suspect I'll be back to writing regularly again very soon. I've just needed time to downshift, decompress, and regroup. While doing so, I managed to accomplish two big things this week. I grabbed myself a full time job, as I suspect the party is over with regards to online poker... Additionally, I re-enrolled in school. This job is surely nothing I'm married to, but is flexable enough so that I can let it work around my life. School is set to start up in April and I'll be going straight through until Sept of '08.

The funny thing about this whole school gig... I've started school twice. Both times, I've quit without completing the degree. I landed the job I was looking to land each time, so why bother, right? This time around... no matter what, I'm goin wire to wire. If I've been able to quit smoking, I should also be able to finish school, it's that simple.

Moving on --- next week, look for more memories and photos from Oz, and also some CheckRayz news... specifically dealing with our February plan. Also, keep in touch with the Poker.com blog and the BPT home page, as my Aussie Wrap-up should find it's way there within the next few days...


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