More 2007 goals, tied into the Al post...

When I was 18 and first moved away from home, joining the Navy, one of my plans was to get a tattoo of some sort. However, it seemed that getting a tat of some sort was entirely too fashionable a thing to do in the Nav... And as non-conforming as I was, I opted against inking myself. This of course, was before it was fashionable for every chic on the planet to have a tat on their back and ankle, and every douchebag to get barb wire around the guns (no offense to anyone who this may apply to in whole or in part now).

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Anyway, I'll continue typing down here before I get my ass kicked myself in trouble. My plan then became to get a tat after I got out. Only, the problem was that I could not decide on what the hell to get a tattoo of... I am the most non-artsy person I know... If I attempt to draw something as simple as a stick figure... peeps will correctly ask "Dude, wtf is that?" Which makes the fact that my daughter is very talented when it comes to drawing absolutely amazing.

So, without anything jumping out at me, and lacking the ability to draw anything to save my life, I remained tattooless.

My goal for 2007 is to muster the courage to go get ink'd by end of the year. I now know exactly what tattoo I want. I'll give you a clue, it has to do with what year it is...

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