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This is really a post about... nothing. Merely some random thoughts, and in no particular order.

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1. I borrowed a laptop from my mother to take to Oz with me next week. On the laptop, I ran over here (to the Poker Pub Poker Blog). It never occured to me that pages look differently on different screens. I'm going to have to do something about that, as my inside sidebar seems to push down on the laptop, while it shows right on top on my screen. Anyone know how to make it appear the same on all size monitors (Mitch, lil bro?)?

2. It's one of those weekends where it "seems" as if my reads are right on, however, Miss Variance is being a little bitch. And by little bitch, I mean that when I set, others catch their flush, yet, when I am drawing I either fail to complete, or get nailed by redraw... not that I am playing much this weekend or anything (cough pokerstars - download, play, deposit, chase easy to obtain (in my opinion) deposit or reload bonus with me).

3. Back to the laptop... it won't recognize the battery. I'm wondering if it will recognize if I pimp slap it...?

4. The Phil Hellmuth blow-up on that Late Night Poker show was not broadcast as advertised after SNL. They went to Stargate SG-1 and then that offbeat cinema show. I was hoping to watch it on the tele, however, Iggy has the entire incident, in three parts on his blog. It's hilarious.

5. I just caught a draw against this 44/8/2.78 douchebag. Shame on him for thinking I lay down easy - oops.

6. Building my bankroll IS part of the preperation phase of

7. Said Douchebag continues to call me with "any ace" --- and then king queen to my ace king... oops twice over?

8. I had a blast playing the 5th St. Charity Ball at poker.com yesterday. I don't think LadyLuck appreciated the hammer drop over her nines... I was in fact pot committed with the strongest hand in poker. In fact, the hammer paid me off three times, and I lost all of it in two quick hands... Guess I should just value fold til I get the hammer from here on out.

9. Speaking of the hammer, I am serious about getting a hammeresque tattoo. Anyone feel up to drawing something up?

10. My bud Dan has a wealth of info on his poker, fishing and other vices blog. Great read, and gets the BeerGuy's 5 keg rating. Go check his blog out.

11. That's all for now...

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