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Rare piece of hand history --- just because I can...

Edit: Before we get into hand history, here's the CheckRayz Leaderboard at Bugsy's Club for our CheckRayz League.

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Hand Number: 400,018,569
Table Number: 5,597,451
Event Name: $300 CheckRayz League (#3538373)
Event Started: Thursday January 25th 8:00:02 PM CST 2007
Event Type: Real Money Rebuy Tournament
Event Buy-In: $2+$0.20
Total Prize Pool: $26 (10 entries, 3 rebuys)
Game: No Limit Hold 'em
Level I: 25/50 Blinds (25 Minimum Chip)
Starting Chips: 10,000
Starting Players: 10
Seat 1 : knapping starts with 10,000
Seat 2 : cardluvr starts with 20,000
Seat 3 : gary812 starts with 20,000
Seat 4 : _scorpion_ starts with 10,000
Seat 5 : phildaphish starts with 10,000
Seat 6 : CheckRayz starts with 10,000
Seat 7 : albafish starts with 10,000
Seat 8 : TSM12 starts with 10,000
Seat 9 : reelcrazy11 starts with 10,000
Seat 10 : BC5457 starts with 10,000
Seat 1 : knapping has the dealer button
CheckRayz dealt down 7c 2h
cardluvr posts the small blind 25
gary812 posts the big blind 50
CheckRayz: lol... i'm a final tabling machine... 2 for 2 this year in checkrayz tourneys
_scorpion_ calls 50
phildaphish: me 2
phildaphish calls 50
CheckRayz raises 720 to 770 <=== a hint?
reelcrazy11: not me ina fish
albafish times out
albafish folds
reelcrazy11: ima fish
TSM12 folds
reelcrazy11 folds
BC5457 folds
knapping folds
cardluvr folds
gary812 folds
phildaphish: did u do any good at 3d tonight Chchrayz?
_scorpion_ calls 720
phildaphish folds
>>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ 2c 7s Kh ]
_scorpion_ bets 1,625
CheckRayz: no
CheckRayz raises 7,605 to 9,230 and is all-in
phildaphish: me neither
_scorpion_ calls 7,605 and is all-in
CheckRayz cards were 7c 2h
_scorpion_ cards were Js Kd
phildaphish: out early
>>>DEALING TURN<<< [ Ad ]
>>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ 3c ]
CheckRayz wins 20,125 with two pair, sevens and deuces
BC5457: beware i am goint to win tonigt so i can play tom
(Observer) bornsupreme: mike the hammer valintine
Hand Ended: Thursday January 25th 8:03:03 PM CST 2007
Total Pot: 20,125
Board: [ 2c 7s Kh Ad 3c ]
Seat 1 : knapping (button) did not bet, folded pre-flop
Seat 2 : cardluvr (small blind) lost 25, folded pre-flop
Seat 3 : gary812 (big blind) lost 50, folded pre-flop
Seat 4 : _scorpion_ lost 10,000, showed hand [ Js Kd ]
Seat 5 : phildaphish lost 50, folded pre-flop
Seat 6 : CheckRayz bet 10,000, won 20,125, net +10,125, showed hand [ 7c 2h ]
Seat 7 : albafish did not bet, folded pre-flop
Seat 8 : TSM12 did not bet, folded pre-flop
Seat 9 : reelcrazy11 did not bet, folded pre-flop
Seat 10 : BC5457 did not bet, folded pre-flop


Edit: I was tired as hell when I posted that. I had a good bit more that I was wanting to add, but I couldn't keep the eyes open.

When I went into this game, I was fairly certain I was going to play "differently" than normal; well, differently than I normally play a CheckRayz game, at least. Although, it's not uncommon for me to drop the hammer with the 2-7 not suited.

That aside, it should be noted that I was caught playing hands such as 5d-3d, 8s-7s, and Ah-4d; and often to a raise. I was even inclined to raise with such hands. And truth be told, I'd sometimes call, other times reraise with these hands. If there was one thing I learned about tournament poker play while in the land of Oz, it was that aggression takes down pots. There were antes, they were sizable (last night at Bugsy's). For that reason alone, there was added incentive to raise pre and come out firing.

When the one player (I cannot recall who it was) raised over top of me to all-in, I had no choice, mathamatically speaking, but to call. I knew I'd be calling from behind and even said "shit, not what I wanted," but I had to call anyway.

Phillyd ended up taking down the tournament. He played very well... I think back to one critical mistake I made. On a raised board, I flop 2 pr K-Q-J. I bet out almost pot sized and he calls. My bet size was mostly random. I thought to myself I'd wanted to just end the hand and not really overcommit to it. I didn't want to see a ten or an ace on this board. Turn brings an ace, and philyd moves all-in. I thought and lay down my 2 pr. In retrospect, I should have put him on an ace (any ace) and made the call, but laid it down to a ten hitting the board.

Oh well, I failed to put him away, and thus I end up second. There's always tonight!

Speaking of tonight, I think I'll write more about Oz tonight, specifically I want to write about my thoughts on the second place finisher in the Aussie Millions - Jimmy Fricke.


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