coffee and the poker.com freeroll in Aussie

Our first full day in the land of Oz, and Jerry and I run around town to try to find some decent grub for breakfast. For those of you keeping score, Jerry was the winner of the Blogger Poker Tour Grand Finale. We finally find this restuarant to sit down and do breakfast. The food was great for the most part. The coffee, however, was really lacking.

I'm not sure what it is about the land of Oz, but it takes an act of God to get a real coffee around here. Now, let me explain what exactly I mean by "real coffee." I'm old school... I just want a regular, plain old black coffee. Nothing spectacular. No milk, no cream, no creme, and surely "I would not like any sugars." Just straight up classicly brewed black coffee. I believe there is only two people in the land of Oz who can make suitable coffee of this nature... Hannah from the Crown and the airlines, which is scary as all hell. Anyway, after breakfast, Jerry and I opt to head back to the casino, because we have this "feeling" that the poker.com festivities "might" be starting sooner than expected.

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As if we're prophets, we get back to the hotel and we're T minus fifteen minutes and counting from the freeroll's start. Are we good or are we good? We straggle down to the poker room and find our spot. The crown had two tables for us, which worked out well considering we had 20 players with the poker.com crew. At the same time, freerolls from Prima, tilt, and other rooms were taking place.

We start off with 2K in chips, blinds elevating every ten minutes. We're off to a seemingly smooth start. Third hand in, a player is ousted from the tournament. I breath a sigh of relief, as the first one out is not your's truly. Then comes the big hand. I'm in the small blind with 9s-7s. Action folds to the button (Druce), who limps. I call, and the BB ("Dr." Scott) checks. The flop comes 2-9-6, with one spade on the board. I bet 1/2 the pot. The BB folds and the button min raises. Feeling as if this is a steal attempt, I reraise to all-in. He insta-calls and turns over AA.

I'm so not worried, however, as I know a suckout card is coming very soon... and by very soon, I mean on the turn, which I then hit my two pair. Aces fail to improve and I stack the man. Fortunately, he was the chip leader at the time, so he was able to weather the storm.

Shout out to Tina, "the Queen of Hearts," who was also playing in this tourney and a table away.

Play continues, and we consolidate to one table. I suspect I am first or second in chips. A successful hammer drop later, and blinds increase right at the same time there's a fourth dealer change. This time we get the most moronic dealer I've ever seen in my life. I'm not one to dealer bash, but this dude was BAD. By bad, I mean he sucked... horribly. He took it upon himself to fast forward the tourney three blind levels, and change the format to five minute levels. Did I mention I was coming into the big blind here?

My M now sitting at roughly 4 (as the chip leader, mind you), and this comfortable tourney has now turned into a bingo match. I'm truly not happy. The field begins to drop, part of which due to the blind structure, and the other part due to the dealer's gross inability to count chips. Of the seven times he was needed to count chips to make sidepots, he fell short of this seemingly basic goal six times. Hell, even the floor manager at one time was trying to help him and she failed to help this guy. Once, he tried to take all of my behind chips, even though I had the two all-in's covered, which for the record, the second of the two alleged all-ins were not fully all-in, but he took it upon himself to decide she in fact was.

We're down to five players, top three get paid. With the blinds so high now, that it becomes a game of foldsmanship. It's in everyone's best interest to try to fold their way into the money, as the chip leader's M is roughly 3. The move of the night comes when the chip leader moves all-in. The Big blind was all-in to begin with, due to blinding out. I sat under the gun and would have been all-in come the small blind. So, he folds, leaving his M under 1. Big blind is all-in, manages to double up. Next hand is a SB-BB battle, which I win. Bam, I hit the money. I blow out in a blaze of glory one hand later to cash in third place.

The tournament was a good time, though the dealer really tried to rain on our parade. The day continued on with Shane, Jerry and I taking a walk around town, chatting and looking for stuff to buy. Then we hit the poker.com drunken dinner, which is a whole 'nother story in itself.


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