quick update...

I've been "gone" the past few days because my modem decided to smoke check itself. Gotta love when that happens. I "should" resume regular posting tommorrow, but reserve the right to wait until Thursday, as I am so far behind schedule with everything its not funny.

I want to do a quick tip of the beer mug to the peeps that made the blogger poker tour happen. This includes the great people at poker.com and all of the bloggers who participated. It took me nearly two hours to actually get to the tournament (due to said modem smoking), but I made my presence known once I showed up (I doubled through twice in the first ten hands of my arrival). Additionally, I hit what I believe to be just short of a miracle hand, which played out as follows:

I raise all-in second to act, taking on two callers. All three of us are all-in. I'm holding QJs, opponent number one is sporting pocket jacks, opponent number two has ace queen suited. Flop comes down x-x-Q. Turn comes a jack, and the river brings the case queen.

Later on, and by later on, I mean ten hands or so later, ohiomike bust me out with KJs to my ace-nine suited. We were both of diamonds, two diamonds hit the flop, river brought his king, nh gg, I'm on the rail. No regrets though, as I finished 8th, made the final table and played the way I wanted to play... when I finally showed up.

On the home front, we have the first event for the MSOP at high noon today. Imma come out firing. Yes, that does mean that the lucky bracelet and I are predicting a win for the MSOP.