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As usual, Phil Hellmuth is being a tool himself and showing up fashionably delayed. His seat empty as Day 1B begins play. It should be noted that someone of Phil’s “obvious status” is never late, only delayed.

Less than an hour into the tourney, a sick hand plays out… Dramatic preflop raising, reraising, and all-in’ing between three players, all rightfully so. AA v KK v QQ. KK put his hand down preflop, leaving AA v QQ to battle it out. The kings would have been the winning hand, however.
Phil arrives roughly two hours into the tournament.

Mike Caro maintains a monstrous run chipping up to $25K within the opening hours of the tourney.

Roughly four hours and forty-five minutes into the tournament, Phil Hellmuth is ousted from the tourney with a battle of AQ v 7-7. The sevens hold up and Phil is sent to the rail,
Shortly after, Gavin Smith, and Shannon Elizabeth find themselves on the rail.

Nearly six grueling hours into Day 1B, Ron Jeremy manages to stick it in while holding big slick. He nails the money shot on the flop with two pair and he doubles the size of his stack, now sitting at 6,600. He busts about an hour or so later playing King five suited vs. A-10s.

Doyle Brunson is eliminated from play on a checked flop of 10-10-6. A five comes on the turn bringing a third club, which Brunson bets into. River is a 7 of spades. Doyle pushes allin (holding pocket nines). His opposition turns over K-10.

Chris Ferguson continues to accumulate chips, as does Phil Ivey. Jesus chips up to 39.2K, while Ivey sits at 46K.

Notables Chip at the end of Day 1B

1. Eric Sonstegard 83,000
2. Theo Tran 82,950
37. Men “The Master” 33,200
48. Annie Duke 26,000
60. Mike Caro 23,000
67. Chris “Jesus” Ferguson 21,000
79. Phil Ivey 16,000


Phil Hellmuth Jr., Howard Lederer, Gavin Smith, Joe Sebok, Ron Jeremy, Shannon Elizabeth, Todd Brunson, Vanessa Rousso, Doyle Brunson, Evelyn Ng